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  1. SunsetMagic

    I lost my stuff

    Hello, I have returned your plot on creative. Creative is our only server that does not support name changes, so if you ever change your name in the future, just ask a member of creative staff, or create a ticket and we will return your plots once again. Sunset
  2. SunsetMagic


    This is your second spam post on the forums. Please do not continue or you will be banned from the forums. //warned
  3. SunsetMagic

    yOu'Ve bEeN mUtEd

    Hello, We mute players who break the rules on our server, which is what you did. We do not tolerate disrespect, spam, trolling etc in anyway and this is why we mute for it. You can read up about the rules here But, it...
  4. SunsetMagic


    Hello, Whilst your post doesn't break any of our rules on the server, I'm not sure it is suited to the platform. This is an individual minecraft server, not mojang. Also asking players for this sort of information puts their safety at risk if they do post responses ' Please list your name? How...
  5. SunsetMagic


    I believe the Owner @Dacon dealt with this a few minutes after your post here.
  6. SunsetMagic

    Ban manacube

    Trolling and making it look like you hack is treated the same as hacking. Whether through a 'fake' client installed or just by making it visually look like you hack. As Zycho said, Appealing is an option. As you have already appealed and it has been responded to, please read the response so...
  7. SunsetMagic

    Count to 25 before Purple4me (ChocBar) POST to annoy the crap out of me!

    9 Blue is the best colour, thank you, goodnight!
  8. SunsetMagic

    Lost rank

    Hello, You just needed to claim your rank. I have done that for you, so you should have your rank everywhere now. For future reference, you can claim ranks here Enjoy and welcome back! Sunset
  9. SunsetMagic

    Count to 10 before a player posts!

    12 hehe
  10. SunsetMagic

    Count to 50 before a staff posts!

    Eight Oh wait,
  11. SunsetMagic

    Survival Mods

    Sorry, we do not share plugin information.
  12. SunsetMagic

    Word Challenge!

  13. SunsetMagic

    Ban the person above you

    Banned for having a lovely but massive picture in your forums signature.
  14. SunsetMagic

    Sorry for the late reply. A lot of players seem to have difficulty connecting to...

    Sorry for the late reply. A lot of players seem to have difficulty connecting to, try or a direct server ip such as You can switch between the servers once online through ./parkour ./survival etc. Best of luck and hope to see you in-game! :D
  15. SunsetMagic

    Word Challenge!

    Bet *Starts singing Bet on it from High School Musical* xD
  16. SunsetMagic

    Corrupt a Wish

    Granted, however, the fastest wifi speed you are able to access takes 10 minutes to send one forum post. I wish for it to be summer!
  17. SunsetMagic

    why wont my mute appeal show up

    Hello, I'm not sure why you cannot see your appeals in that section, so instead I have linked your two most recent appeals below.
  18. SunsetMagic

    Zulrah Loot

    Screenshots would be helpful if you could go through your chat logs. Otherwise just provide a time when it happened.