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  1. Pigochi

    peak reality

    peak reality
  2. Pigochi

    The best realm on Manacube in your own opinion

    Creative, because there'd only be like 5 active members so you used to be able to know everyone
  3. Pigochi

    10 Year Anniversary

    yooo new creative beta finally. Be nice if I could play it lmao, maybe next march on my next appeal
  4. Pigochi

    The Olympus War PT 1

    This is an interesting idea, but the development time this would take would by gigantic, as well as having to manage a custom world for every player on olympus. Though, it would be cool if it did happen
  5. Pigochi

    Olympus 101: Statistics

    Introduction Welcome back to another Olympus lesson from Pigochi! Today, we will be going over the menu on the right side of your screen. If you missed the previous lesson, please refer to Olympus 101: Basics. In Olympus, there are a multitude of menus and upgrades for you to choose from, and...
  6. Pigochi

    Olympus 101: Basics

    Introduction Hello! I'm Pigochi, a season 2 veteran of Olympus, and if there's one thing that hasn't changed since season 2, it's new players being very confused about what to do. If you are new and reading this, don't worry, we've all been there. There are many factors in an Olympus...
  7. Pigochi

    L for half of olympus

    The best Timeline
  8. Pigochi

    24 Crate Giveaway.

    IGN: Pigochi Discord: Pigochi#6941 Server: Olympus My favorite christmas memory was all my homies and I groupin up and doing some nefarious deeds in NYC like Rockefellar center and Legoland
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    Horrible KitPvP staff

  10. Pigochi

    We need a new build team / builders / builder rank!

    I certainly think that the Manacube Build Team could always use some more players to design builds, but I think the main problem is that they are focusing on making new things rather than working on old ones. I don't think they should replace everyone, but you have the general Idea imo idk i'm...
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    sad times D: Just found out about you and hope you get unbanned!

    sad times D: Just found out about you and hope you get unbanned!
  12. Pigochi

    Pigochi Anime reccomendations (For weebs)

    you talking about the fanfic the creators happened to make? I'd just go to manga after season 1
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    Pigochi Anime reccomendations (For weebs)

    Completely forgot about promised neverland! Too bad it never got a season 2.
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    Pigochi Anime reccomendations (For weebs)

    Ya boy Pigochi is back again, but notwith a dis track. This is for my fellow weebs out there who have watched some or little anime, so i got you the PIGOCHI RECCOMENDATION LIST. Top anime i've ever watched in no particular order: 1. Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood (Full metal alchemist isn't...
  15. Pigochi

    Apparently this is a thing : Pigochi here

    Hi I'm Pigochi, I main creative and atlas. Im prolly gonna take a break from manacube like tommorow because of 1.17, and you may know me from the manacube dis track post or the creative payouts post I made. Uh i've been told i'm either an ass, nice, funny, pretty much a lot of things. Better...
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    That with tax or w/o tax?

    That with tax or w/o tax?
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    by far the best verse is the islands verse that was fire
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    Pigochi here with somethin new, ya’hear. This is The Manacube Dis track Welcome to manacube, we have crappy games, why don’t we start off with the least of the lame? Olympus all you do is mine all day, Only way to get good is to sit back and play. Atlas got all the players, too bad...
  19. Pigochi

    Creative Cubit Payouts (Hear me Out)

    If this happens I will personally make my own Paper Pigobit and pin it to my door
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    Creative Cubit Payouts (Hear me Out)

    Hello! I'm Pigochi. You may know me as that one guy who occasionally says offensive things on shouts, or the atlas player Pigochi, or the creative player Pigochi. Now, I've been around for a good while now, being ~ 2 years of playing. Now I'm maining and have been for the past few months...