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  1. Pete3e

    Food Crate

  2. Pete3e

    10 Year Anniversary

    Hello, I joined Manacube late 2021 and my favorite moment was getting Elite when I started playing this server, been a downfall since then
  3. Pete3e

    Sci-Fi Crate

    pickaxe looks like a face
  4. Pete3e

    Summer Festival 2023

    Festival is great
  5. Pete3e

    4 Cubits Giveaway

    Pete3e Earth
  6. Pete3e

    Pixar Crate

    this looks great
  7. Pete3e

    Retro Crate

  8. Pete3e

    Wild Crate

  9. Pete3e

    Spring Festival Pass

    Pass is looking good
  10. Pete3e

    Easter Crate

    Happy Easter!
  11. Pete3e

    Spring Festival | 2023

    excited to see the pass
  12. Pete3e

    Remove ''Kill villagers task'' in Olympus

    There are no villager spawners so you would have to spend about 40 million every time you get the task to buy the spawn eggs.
  13. Pete3e

    Olympus Season 6

    looking good
  14. Pete3e

    We need worlds on Earth (like wolfhaven, morend and burningland etc)

    This would be a great addition especially since we have a town quest to kill 5000 monsters and they rarely spawn in the resource world.
  15. Pete3e

    74 Crate Giveaway (edit 55 because crates are 6 cubits.)

    IGN: Pete3e Disc: Pete#5686 (313380186957676544) Server: Earth My favorite memory was getting out of mandatory army service.
  16. Pete3e

    24 Crate Giveaway.

    IGN: Pete3e Discord ID: 313380186957676544 Realm: Earth Memory: Snowball fights with my friends when I was younger.
  17. Pete3e

    Update the shop in Earth please

    Blocks Shops Add dirt Add cobblestone Add (smooth) stone Remove all colored wool from /shop as they take a lot of space and keep white wool as the shop already has a dye section Remove all colored terracotta and add the normal terracotta, same reasons as wool Remove all colored glass and add...