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  1. TimeIsOut

    Add elo back to duels.

    There is elo but its hard to see someone's elo without running player specific commands. There should be duel elo leaderboards and the chat message showing who beat who in a duel should also show player's elo.
  2. TimeIsOut

    KITPVP kit fight killstreak leaderboard/fishing leaderboard/duel elo leaderboard.

    A cool idea for a new leaderboard could be a restricted killstreak leaderboard, such as a kit fight killstreak. Where you can restrict yourself to only using items from the /kit fight by running a command or clicking on an NPC. It would be a way for players who can't afford a gset to show their...
  3. TimeIsOut

    KitPvP Purge Event

    +1 fantastic idea ntc! keep it up
  4. TimeIsOut

    If anyone know how to quit Minecraft pvp let me know kinda tired of not getting anywhere been trying to learn from YouTube I am tired of this

    Play prac servers for 8+ hours a day, obsess over elo and reach leaderboards, master every single kit until you become #1 manacuber and nobody can stop you.
  5. TimeIsOut

    Kitpvp map

    yall couldnt even make a fresh map for the second time in a row disappointing
  6. TimeIsOut

    RIP RONALD 2013-2021

    RIP RONALD 2013-2021
  7. TimeIsOut

    Your all-time favorite epico manacube moments

    I know a lot of manacubers that have some special memories on the server, if you managed to get some of these moments saved in a clip please use this thread to share them with the community. Here are two of my epico manacube moments: 1. Manaray strikes again 2. BOMB SQUAD IN I look forward...
  8. TimeIsOut

    This is important please read.

    life is good. I am astronot :)
  9. TimeIsOut

    This is important please read.

    every word that comes out of your mouth is completely worthless in my eyes, you long arm bandit.
  10. TimeIsOut

    Horrible KitPvP staff

    You keep using these very specific scenarios where staff are doing their job, but as a whole the kitpvp server is not well taken care of by the staff team.
  11. TimeIsOut

    Horrible KitPvP staff

    Even IF the thread was "disrespectful" towards the kitpvp staff, simply agreeing to some of the points brought up in the thread does not instantly make you a bad person and discredit your ability to be a staff member yourself. The mentality that it does is entirely flawed. To me it seems the...
  12. TimeIsOut

    Horrible KitPvP staff

    Last time I had to make an appeal I had to do the investigating myself, and not the first time this has happened either.
  13. TimeIsOut

    Horrible KitPvP staff

    Most of the players who cared enough to make reports and try to improve the quality of the server stopped playing because minimal progress was being made by the staff team. I don't mean that every staff member is entirely bad, but most of them just don't know how to moderate on a pvp server...
  14. TimeIsOut

    Horrible KitPvP staff

    There has not been a good staff member since SenzJinx and Lybby. 92.6% of kit staff don't understand how kitpvp servers work, but that doesn't even matter because the big decisions are handled by people who have even less knowledge about anything to do with pvp. Please give some power to the...
  15. TimeIsOut

    3 Cubit Giveaway!

    shameless giveaway
  16. TimeIsOut

    KitPvP mechanics

    unfortunately high ping in minecraft pvp is a huge disadvantage, the highest somewhat playable ping is about 120.
  17. TimeIsOut

    Kitpvp Season 11

    exquisite idea. I can see this bringing lots of active players to manacube kitpvp.
  18. TimeIsOut

    KitPvP mechanics

    Everyone who played last kit season can agree with me on this; the knockback and bow boosting mechanics last season were just better. This season has felt wonky pvp-wise since it started. Things such as bow shots not shooting, laggy knockback and other small things have lowered the skill cap and...
  19. TimeIsOut

    Actual top 7 kitpvp players (accurate)

    you agree to 1v1 prac but do not want to fight on my ping, you agree to 1v1 gset but ignore me everytime i ask for it. You are all talk.
  20. TimeIsOut

    Actual top 7 kitpvp players (accurate)

    If lunar is full of cheaters then shouldn't it be harder to get on lb?