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    Accepted I__PK__I - QA Team Application [Skyblock]

    Your Minecraft Username I__PK__I Discord username I__PK__I What is the main realm you play on Skyblock When did you start playing on ManaCube and what does your activity look like? I Started playing Manacube when Mineville Merged with Manacube. so almost 3 years. and I've been on...
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    What's the most enjoyable server to play on the manacube network?

    skyblock is the best realm on manacube by far. also just reset so lots of new stuff to do. has the best community out of all the realms as well
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    Make Survival Great Again - The Establishment of the Great Survival Confederacy and National Party of Survival.

    potentially manacubes most annoying player. just shut up
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    IGN: I__PK__I Discord: i___pk___i also if i dont win this defo rigged :D
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    Food Crate

    this crate made me door dash some food
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    Builder Wands

    Currently Builderwands are made of gold. which is probably the worst material to be made out of. other players and i have lost builderwands with 200k uses and more to build wanding some wood and it bugging out and stripping the logs instead. a few stripped logs later and the axe breaks and down...
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    Better Shop

    a while back we asked for shop to be tweaked so we could use a command to buy items from the shop. and we got something kinda similar to what we asked for except it still requires the gui. it would be nice if we could do /buy Raw_copper amount and it buy that much. currently when we do that it...
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    I IGN: I__PK__I Discord: i___pk___i
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    bro move on. youre so fucking annoying. id like to be able to come onto forums and see other players shit but i only see your shit. grow the fuck up and leave manacube
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    why is it every time I'm on forums I see the most recent post being spammed by you
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    Sci-Fi Crate

    Praying for the mana gods to give me chat color and wings
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    Manacube unban wipe and revert.

    i dont play factions and never have. but id like to voice my opinion regarding the bans and rules of manacube. i agree they need to be reworked but manacube is not the place for racism or hate speech of any kind. manacube has an image theyd like to uphold and allowing stuff like that would...
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    New World Idea

    early skyblock season we found a bug where we could mine the netherwart blocks under the map. they acted as netherwarts when mined. was a good source of money and xp. but it was fixed. but i was thinking, what if we had a world built for just that? a world after burninglands that you can mine...
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    A New Shop System

    i wish it was that easy. im not sure how you guys have it on prison but on skyblock out of the 100s of block combinations we have, only like 20 work. this also doesnt help when you need to fill inventorys of something to smelt or what not
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    Manacube's plans

    I feel like a server of this magnitude should have a roadmap set in place for players to look forward to. players generally already know what order realms are gonna be in but its not set in stone and no "real" goals are put into place. i know its hard to keep a promise and things dont always go...
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    A New Shop System

    the shop system we have now is great, but it has some flaws. we have all these wonderful blocks to choose from but sometimes we like to stick to our roots and use the same blocks, over and over again. sometimes that specific block is on the last page of the shop and when its laggy can sometimes...
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    I built the best bunny

  18. I__PK__I

    Alts at boss

    ive made reports on people who have been using alts for the boss. definitly is an advantage and shouldnt be allowed. player on skyblock will instantly get banned if a player and their alt is in the boss room at the same time. its considered boosting. so why are other realms allowed to do it...
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    Rules of Manacube

    im aware of the rules and know them quite well. ive mentioned this before well before receiving my second ban. i like to think im a good player on manacube and having a record showing otherwise is kind of off putting. when i first joined manacube i was still new to this whole online server...