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  1. JiggleJigglePop

    Creative cosmetic chests

    Definitely would be a great idea to add these. Hopefully, we can see this in the future. Good idea :P
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    Fav pop song?

    Leave em Alone by Layton Greene, Lil Baby & City Girls
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    Anyone need help

    Cool! :P
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    Creative Grade

    Hope your issues get resolved ^o^
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    Count to 28K

  6. JiggleJigglePop

    Hi there

    HI Dan, hopefully I see you around :p
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    Building Suggestions.

    Build whatever is on your mind.. what do you usually like to build?
  8. JiggleJigglePop

    How to get rank up from Slave to GOD fast

    Thanks for the guide <3
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    Guide: Rebirth Tutorial

    That's a lot of colors! Thanks for the guide <3
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    Disrespect Issues

    I hear you out and I really hope this doesn't continue to happen.
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    Christmas Update

    Amazing update! :p
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    Daniel220106 - Build Team Application

    -1 The reason I'm giving you this rating is that you include no pictures which aren't a requirement but at least gives all of us an example of what you currently have done. All you have to do is take a screenshot of your buildings and show us. I mean, you might not have these anymore but it's...
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    Updates & Bug Fixes

    Nice update! Thanks ;)
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    Old post

    This thread is kind of unnecessary. Just wait until people view your thread. Begging for admins to view your thread is not really going to help in my opinion.
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    When your kinda to active

    Lol okay xD
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    Goodbye , Please read if you know me

    I didn't read this because I don't know you. I mean, it does say that in the title, doesn't it? Don't get me wrong. Hahah, kidding! Goodbye, hope to see new players return! Have a great school year if you're in school! :)
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    Olympus Suggestion

    There is basically a Mine free / Free world. Though, I never been in it but there is one.
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    Forums Ligher or Darker Version? [POLL]

    This thread is not about asking how to change it. It's about who likes which one better.
  19. JiggleJigglePop

    Forums Ligher or Darker Version? [POLL]

    Hey, So today I decided to make a small poll on which website you guys like the most. You can vote by using the community vote tool. Do you guys like the old version of the manacube website? Or the new version? Why? I liked the old version because you could see things more clearly and having...