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  1. MallFood

    hello im banned from discord

  2. MallFood

    Staffie Group Photo! (RENDER)

    Thats dope
  3. MallFood

    Custom enchants (kitpvp)

    It would be dope if we could get some custom enchants
  4. MallFood

    Kb2 Rod Despawns (HELP ME)

    Guess the ender chest was not strong
  5. MallFood

    hello im banned from discord

    Still heheheheheh
  6. MallFood

    xDacon best owner kitpvp reset !!!!

  7. MallFood

    hello im banned from discord

    This is not the right place to make an appeal Here
  8. MallFood

    top 10 useless, funny facts

  9. MallFood

    Let's make a really epico thread

  10. MallFood

    Kit pvp unban

  11. MallFood

    has anyone found my rod

    I believe your rod is gone by now
  12. MallFood

    Enchanting items

    Buy xp from /shop and enchant it
  13. MallFood

    Reasons why Quick_Silver_ is best mod

    You forgot one - Only mod active on kitpvp (almost i think)
  14. MallFood

    Top 5Staff On KitPvP

    I think so, But he may mean the entire staff team
  15. MallFood


    Does anyone know when the wipe is
  16. MallFood

    Important ★VOTE REWARDS ★ [Click Here]

    Not sure if I'm the only one here buy /merchant does not work!
  17. MallFood

    "I am cracked at kitpvp" ;)

    "I am cracked at kitpvp" ;)
  18. MallFood

    Anti cheat

    Yes, It happens to everyone! - Almost
  19. MallFood

    Anti cheat

    When you jump on a slab you get stuck can someone fix this? Or if you get hit onto a pillar you also get stuck :/