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  1. Vannny

    Finished Love Notes

    What can I say, Sean loves me, I am the sunshine that lights up his mancave and makes him squint at the screen while trying to come up with crate ideas, we are just meant to be, and not even Abi (An old Italian man) could get in the way of this true love story. Sean, will you marry me!
  2. Vannny

    Marvel Update

  3. Vannny

    Finished Love Notes

    Hi my names Dave and I'm an alcholic.
  4. Vannny

    74 Crate Giveaway (edit 55 because crates are 6 cubits.)

    Qanny Vanny#0811 Survival When i joined bex's party <3 @SaraRella @InsaneAce11 @chokingnoises PS: Bex ily <3
  5. Vannny

    Survival Season 8

  6. Vannny

    Elite Rank Perk Suggestions

    Small World edit perms for elite rank such as //replace and //set, but the maximum area is 20 x 20 x 20. (On survival)
  7. Vannny

    ManaPVP Season 11

    Woooo so excited!
  8. Vannny

    What Is the name of You're party?

    Hyrule, not sure if you have heard of it, it's quite new and small
  9. Vannny

    Whens Your Birthday?

    Hallooooo, Im curious as to when everyones birthday is :p And how they like their birthday date :D
  10. Vannny

    I've been trying to locate hyrules main base, you guys know where it is?

    yeah ik where it is, i control hyrule, linkey is a noone > : D
  11. Vannny

    Another Giveaway of 50 Cubits!!!

    Ign: Xmassium (Vanny) Discord: Haig@0811 I dont even mind if i win or not, i just think its super nice your doing this for everyone <3
  12. Vannny

    200-1000 CUBIT GIVEAWAY!

    Ign- Xmassium (gotta get in the Christmas spirit ) Discord- Vanny#0811 I honestly think this is insane, I'm sure that who ever wins, you will make their year
  13. Vannny


    Hiii :D This is a very cool and nice thing you are doing <3. Ign: Vannny Server: Survival Staff: Anxi/Sonic_Raptor Discord: Vanny#0811
  14. Vannny

    New Chat colour

    His, this is an idea I had, in the future crates, we could have a chat colour as following; This is made buy using &3--&b--&f-- in a pattern. I think it would be a new cool chat colour to introduce into a Xmas crate or a Winter Crate :)
  15. Vannny

    ENDED Legendary Keys Giveaway ENDED

    This is very generous and kinds of you :D and I would love to enter if possible
  16. Vannny

    Why do you play Manacube?

    Yeh I 100% agree, I'm here to stay :P
  17. Vannny

    Badlion or Labymod?

    Personally I use Badlion because it is easier to use :D
  18. Vannny

    Why do you play Manacube?

    Hiiii, I completely agree, I'v been playing since 2015-2016, and seen Manacube/Minevast go up and down serval times, but its the people for me that keeps me here, the community is the best, better then another servers, on other servers everyone is more apart and don't really care about each...