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  1. Blurpyfied

    Legs - Insane

    /plot v legs build & parkour by blurpyfied
  2. Blurpyfied

    March 2024

  3. Blurpyfied

    Cubit Giveaway

    Ign: Blurpyfied Discord: Blurpyfied Realm: Parkour
  4. Blurpyfied

    Islands Season 7

  5. Blurpyfied

    Ongoing do ur job

  6. Blurpyfied

    Ongoing do ur job

    JOBBOT - Expert 86 Jumps - 7 Checkpoints /plot v Blurpyfied 24 Made By: Blurpyfied and ThatGirl5arah
  7. Blurpyfied

    Fisherman - Insane

    137 jumps 10 cps /plot v fisherman made by bluepottwal and blurpyfied
  8. Blurpyfied

    February 2024

  9. Blurpyfied

    Winter Festival was mid, please focus on updating the gamemodes :)

    Winter Festival was mid, please focus on updating the gamemodes :)
  10. Blurpyfied

    Rejected CatTower - Expert

    Made By: Blurpyfied, Samanthaa_x Jumps: 67 Checkpoints: 4 /plot v CatTower Difficulty: Expert
  11. Blurpyfied

    Crouch scan for LPS

    or to combat people crouching, just add a border than closes in.
  12. Blurpyfied

    Finished Love Notes

    Swrds is one of the funniest and nicest admins on ManaCube that I know. He's been perfect for the community providing us with the elite title, the crates, and really good with reaching out to the community. I haven't spoken much with him,but with every single interaction I've had he has been...
  13. Blurpyfied

    Important Should we remove void?

    surprised manacube hasn't tried to take on the pit yet
  14. Blurpyfied

    Collection Giveaway because of COLLEGE :(

    Blurpyfied GL in college
  15. Blurpyfied

    Valentines Crate

    good luck all!
  16. Blurpyfied

    This is only for rewards

    let it die tbh, all threads come to an end at some point.
  17. Blurpyfied

    you get a small discount

    you get a small discount
  18. Blurpyfied

    JANUARY 2024

  19. Blurpyfied

    Housing Gamemode