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  1. Dynsalir

    Make staff members better and make the rules better

    Hi! I found your post funny for a few reasons, and I thought if you're looking for more transparency, you'd like to know that. Mainly because your understanding of our processes is incorrect, and some of the suggestions coming from you are a little much given your recent behaviour. You don't...
  2. Dynsalir

    Make staff members better and make the rules better

    Exceptions can be made.
  3. Dynsalir

    Important Regarding the recent reports/allegations

    Hi there! Apologies if the wording caused any confusion but only one staff member has been removed due to these allegations. All other allegations towards the remaining three were found to be unsubstantiated and they will continue on the team.
  4. Dynsalir

    Important Regarding the recent reports/allegations

    Hi everyone, Over the past couple of weeks, we have been made aware of severe accusations aimed at four staff members. At its very core, our goal as a staff team is to keep all players on our Network safe. Because of this, each and every allegation brought to our attention is investigated...
  5. Dynsalir

    Misinformation Clear up

    Hi there, We are investigating all reports that have been made against both staff members, and players. Purple, you had been in contact with ChocBar about your reports and she was working with you to gather whatever information you could provide which is great. Having players spamming in-game...
  6. Dynsalir

    Admin Sil's removal

    No, you’re incorrectly extrapolating things from information that doesn’t pertain to you. Players can appeal punishments if they have legitimate reasons to do so as normal. Please continue about your business as usual. Locking this thread.
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    You can find information here;
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    Developer ignorance
  9. Dynsalir

    Important Your Development & Bug Concerns

    Hey Everyone! This will be my first forum post in quite a while. I've taken more of a behind-the-scenes roll on the Network over the past two years and focused on managing the staff team. I guess its time to dust off my forum count. Recently, there have been a few posts regarding development...
  10. Dynsalir

    Count to 1000 Before a Admin posts

    *knock knock* Sorry, excuse me? I'm coming in. Hello o/ 1
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    2020 Manacube Election Results

    I bow down to my new overlord.
  12. Dynsalir

    NEW Creative Grading

    GRADING REVAMP Its about god-damn time that we did some work on the ancient grading plugin. With this new system players will be able to follow along with the process of their submission so that they're informed every step of the way. Submitting a plot is the same always. Simply type /submit...
  13. Dynsalir

    New Application Info & Requirements [NEED TO KNOW]

    Hey everyone, We've overhauled how our entire staff application process is handled. All staff applications will now be displayed publicly for all community members to see and reply to. We've also changed up some of the questions that we ask to get a better understanding of you as an individual...
  14. Dynsalir

    Important Reporting A Bug

    Our new global bug report system has simplified the reporting process. Just click the 'Report A Bug' button and fill out the report form. Once you press submit, your bug report will be posted, in format, to a new thread. Please also note that your thread will remain 'Awating Moderation' so...
  15. Dynsalir

    The New Adventure Update: SB & Survival Revamp, MineVast changing name

    Hey Kazuki.. You realise its only just a name, right? You'll still be playing the same server simply with a different name and logo. If that is enough for you to leave and find somewhere new to play then by all means by my guest. However you're the one who said you came here for the Parkour not...
  16. Dynsalir

    The New Adventure Update: SB & Survival Revamp, MineVast changing name

    Hey, like with all our server resets everything will be wiped on SB/Survival - this includes inventories, balance, enderchests and all other data. There wouldn't be much point in a reset if players kept items! Just think of the fun you'll have with friends working to become the best on the...
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    owner rank

    Lets all bow down to our new Overlord Lehopi! Please accept my upvote as a show of loyalty to your cause.
  18. Dynsalir

    Upcoming Build for MineVast!

    Hey Vanillish, Names are required, just like in our staff application form, so that I'm able to address you by name. We're simply asking for you name, it isnt a huge invasion of your privacy, considering this is an age were we order strangers online to pick us up in their cars... haha. I'd...