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    You're wrong, pigs are thicc and you get bacon out of it... o-o Better than bears in my opinion
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    Pigs. No questions asked; 10/10 best animal around
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    Hello! My favorite gamemode on Manacube is also Survival :O I personally have loved helping and meeting new friends as well as bonding with the community and agree with you. Hope you're having a great day too!! Madison
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    Have a look at my new animation!

    Woahhh, it looks really good!!! :eek:
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    Survival Season 6

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    Connect Four Tournament!

    Excuse me sir D: I made one of these like a year ago and never touched it so I'm redoing it LOL
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    hi i'm madison :flushed:

    hi i'm madison :flushed:
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    New Survival Perk

    Hello @axiatinc This is a pretty neat suggestion, and I do think this could benefit builds and many things in the Survival world, though I worry about the use of /kilton with this perk as it would mean you could sell these player heads and gain infinite souls, but surely there can be a fix for...
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    Connect Four Tournament!

    Hello everyone! With Survival being over a year old, it has come to the point where there is not much to do in-game, so whud, JavaElite, and myself have decided to have a fun non-official event on Survival so everyone can have some fun and hopefully win some prizes! We have decided to host 2...
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    Brushing le hair

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    im not selling my cubits title

    Hey, I saw what you said Mine and I passed it on as a suggestion xD If you would like to make a proper suggestion for the tag, so other players can upvote it you can make it here : Madison
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    You smell like cheese

    You smell like cheese
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    April Staff Thank You Letter!

    Aww, thank you! This was very sweet to everyone. I bet everyone on the staff team is grateful, and I'm glad to help anytime <3
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    Hello David! Nice to meet you. Welcome to the forums, glad to have you here and see some of your future posts! If I ever see you in a voice chat I'll have to hop in and talk to you. Completely relate with the whole parents thing as well haha. My name is Madison and I'm currently 17! Been...
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    Ban the Person Above | 500,000 Views

    Banned for being a Scorpio and not a Leo :')
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    Look at this lol

    No one noticed my "hushy", haha. Players showing other players support makes a good server!! :eek::mc_e_103:
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    MARCH 2020

    WOO Congrats everyone!! Time for another good month on ManaCube!
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    My dogs!!!!!!

    Hi! Your dogs are very cute but I'm sorry to tell you that I'm going to steal them and take them for myself. My dog needs more friends!! Madison