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    wtf is vegemite

    wtf is vegemite
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    I agree @Uduntreal

    I agree @Uduntreal
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    u got greasy hair

    u got greasy hair
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    Skyblock - Second Reveal [2/3]

    The new minion system looks good :)
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    Get a /hug from all the STAFF! (Challenge)

    it's a bigger flex to get a hug from u ween
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    Olympus Season 4

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    New Signature [Fancy]

    I spent a long time on mine
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    this fool still wearing an xmas hat lmao hold the L...

    this fool still wearing an xmas hat lmao hold the L
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    Am I the only person who feels this way?

    I'm excited for 1.17. Having played for a long time, Minecraft survival has become repetitive to me, so change is awesome
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    About Manacube...

    What is your favourite thing about Manacube? @TTuller If you could change one thing about Manacube what would it be? The name. It should clearly be called Flamecube What makes the community so important to the success of Manacube? Minecraft in general is a community-driven game. You don't...
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    abs more like dad bod

    abs more like dad bod
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    Dacon Q&A

    Is @Boomclaw your favorite Helper?
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    how do you change your chat color

    You will need to have unlocked a specific chat color from a crate, then you can do /color to select it :)
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    Why are some titles bold and some aren't

    To have some variety I'd assume
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    Please Lower Elite Rank Cost!

    ELITE is indeed an expensive rank, but it does come with great gameplay improvements. Keep in mind that cubits can easily be grinded for on all of the servers, meaning that you in theory can get it for free :)
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    You just make sure to use enough cereal at first, so there is no need for a second
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    Cereal then milk. Anyone who does it the other way around will get perm banned