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  1. xStephie

    Hi everyone!

    Hello and welcome. What realm are you playing?
  2. xStephie

    Fools Crate

  3. xStephie

    Build Competition

    Build Comp on the Earth Realm. Hosted by xStephie. Plots to be 2X2 chunks. Prizes are as follows: 1st: 10 cubits 2nd: 5 cubits 3rd: 10 mil earth cash Theme is.........Steampunk Plots to be handed out started March 25th and comp ends and trust removed on April 22nd. .
  4. xStephie

    Islands Season 7

  5. xStephie

    can we breed villagers?

    Breeding villagers are disabled
  6. xStephie

    xstephie - Staff Application

    Your Minecraft Username xstephie What server are you applying for Earth --------------------------------------------- First name Stephanie Age 33 Country or Timezone EST-Eastern Standard Time Discord username xstephie Why do you want to become staff? I love the Earth...
  7. xStephie

    Pirate Crate

  8. xStephie

    xStephie - QA Team Application [Earth]

    Your Minecraft Username xStephie Discord username xStephie What is the main realm you play on Earth When did you start playing on ManaCube and what does your activity look like? Started playing survival in June 2022 and then also play earth since November that year. I am on lots of...
  9. xStephie

    Collection Giveaway because of COLLEGE :(

    Gl in college IGN: xStephie
  10. xStephie

    Earth siege system, LPS & duels

    I have asked for a new comp in creative to make another lps arena or a random one of top 3. with new creative give us each a lps world to play with. I have some ideas that are open but interesting as well. Also plus 1 on the timer not peaceful thing. Most of us wanted a kilton barrier item to be...
  11. xStephie

    Winter Festival 2023

    Sounds awesome
  12. xStephie

    Earth Season 4

    Interesting to see how it turns out
  13. xStephie

    Christmas Crate

  14. xStephie

    Skyblock Season 12

  15. xStephie

    R.I.P DERF

    Yeah lots people were saying that, but can't be believing everything you hear. He sent a link that had a video. Started with bad words on the website and the video included everything you shouldn't say on a mc server. Nothing was okay about it. Staff was completely justified banning him.
  16. xStephie

    R.I.P DERF

    As someone who saw his shout that caused his ban. He deserved it. Please understand staff doesnt perm ban players just for fun there are reasons behind it and a derfs was justified. I believe after 1 year he can appeal it.
  17. xStephie

    Eco reset? What do you think?

    I think most people want a mix of the 2 ecos. Player shop ecos only work if you have players and they make shops. I think there are ways to have shops and player run shops. I have msg rq my thoughts on easy and simple changes. The main thing most agree on is reducing alt grinders. Not...
  18. xStephie

    Eco reset? What do you think?

    Seeming like its going to be a lot longer than that. Tbh either way a test of a different eco prior to resetting it and see what the player base thinks. We all know what exists now doesnt work unless you have lots of alts.
  19. xStephie

    Food Crate

    Now I am hungry