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    Thoughts on CUBES

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    It's kinda stinky on this page....

    It's kinda stinky on this page....
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    Counting - Staff VS Community

    34 :)
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    LPS Suggestion

    Oh i got plently of those, 1 - make the possum cuter. 2 - make an axolotl lps
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    LPS Suggestion

    HI all! I had a small suggestion regarding LPS, nothing to do with the actual gameplay but for the join message. I am not sure if this is an issue in other realms but in Olympus you have to join LPS from spawn. This can confuse many newer players that have never joined LPS before and they then...
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    How do you play in olympus?

    You mine until you drop, its fun for all!! Plots are mainly for completing achievements and plot quests! (the children yearn for the mines)
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    Removal of Gaia Tasks

    I honestly just gave up on tasks after 12 rbs, I didn’t see the point if I have to spend hours hunting down Gaia mobs when I used to be able to spend 10 minutes smacking enderman
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    double rainbow butterfly pin?

    That’s happened to quite a few other people as well, I think that just happens
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    king benny time limit

    If you DID win I would say claim it as soon as you realize but yeah I think you have up till the next drawing, helps promote you to not just sit and be afk. (If you haven’t claimed it before you just click the “click here to claim” that appears in chat)
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    New crate idea: Bee Crate!!!

    +1 BEEEEES that is all
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    25,000 to 0

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    You provide a problem, The person beneath you provides an unhelpful solution.

    Jump in a pit of sawdust. My leg is asleep.
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    Count to 1000 Before a Admin posts

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    Staff vs Players

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    A Game To Remember

    Stray, Farcry 5, Firewatch, and every single Life is Strange game.