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  1. TheFancyBear

    Giving exp via ManaCube API

    This is indeed not supposed to be used by players, thats why it requires an api key, which is not possible to get as a normal player at the moment. The same method is also in place for cubits, which is located at The new 'playtime'...
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    [API] Ban history and current status

    Hey! I've got just that for you: If you use it I would like to ask you to include a 'x-identifier' header with your project name and discord so I can contact you if needed. Format: Project name and or url (discord) (The...
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    Muting Shouts

    If you are using a custom client they might have a chatfilter available (LunarClient, LabyMod), you would simply need to turn it on and block [SHOUT] or if they support regex you could use /(.*) (\[[A-Z]{5}\]) ([a-zA-Z]{3,16})(\:) (.*)/gm.
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    ManaApi - Stats lookup

    Kinda forgot about this, I'll get it up and publish the bot hopefully tomorrow. As for the website, you can already use it. Currently only SVA's for survival are shown (working on a fix for that).
  5. TheFancyBear

    ManaApi - Stats lookup

    With the release of the official Api ( I made the new ManaApi. ManaApi - Discord Bot The discord bot providing user and guild information tied to the ManaApi website and has the ability to notify your discord server for the King Benny winners. Once the api updates...
  6. TheFancyBear

    ManaCube Public API

    Keeping the SVA's in chests, keeping the SVA's on unknown alts, keeping the SVA's in hoppers/droppers etc. There are multiple ways to hide your collection if you want to. But why would someone want to hide it if you don't mind me asking?
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    Manacube Help Bot That I Have Created

    Curious as to which language this was written in? Cool project!
  8. TheFancyBear

    Manacube API

    No, there is no official public api available yet. The data is obtained by a bot I wrote which is afk in prison, you can visit it in spawn. If there is no api when my summer vacation starts I will start porting it to other realms, skyblock may be first. The bot has a few basic commands for...
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    Manacube API

    Don’t worry, thats the point of an API. It’s to provide data from the backend that can be used on the frontend. Those endpoints provide the data for the website which is located here. The format of that data is json, hence why you confuse it with code. Is that clear enough of an explanation?
  10. TheFancyBear

    Price Range for a SVA Pickaxe

    So the base price for SVA pickaxes is: fortune level + rarity in cubits. So a common fort 25 sva goes for around 25 cubits. There are some exceptions to this rule, some sva's can go extremely cheap because they are very recent and common (Festive pickaxe). Then you've also got the fortune 35's...
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    Manacube API

    No public API available, besides the user stats. They did tell me that they were busy making one so be patient for that.{UUID} You can use this website to browse king Benny data: You can use this website to browse...
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    Parkour - Season 2

    Yay more jumping
  13. TheFancyBear

    What is everyone's favorite Programming Language?

    Node.js is a server side runtime for javascript, not a programming language.
  14. TheFancyBear

    Chat updates

    A possibility if you don't want to see the messages at all, you can filter them out using a chatfilter in LabyMod or LunarClient
  15. TheFancyBear

    ManaLink: Link your account to the forums

    The way to link now is by going to hub and typing /linkaccount. You will then get a chatmessage on which you click and it opens your browser and links you this way.
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    Why earth is the least toxic of all realms?

    If you are on at the right time Olympus can have a great community as well. There are times where it's very toxic tho.
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    What are you testing, Hexie?
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    Can i transfered my rank a another user?

    Another option is to contact mojang support. They ask for the following information to change the email: If you can provide accurate enough data for the account they will change the email to a email of your choice. In this way you can keep your original account and still migrate. If you no...
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    accidently /ci'ed everything

    As Mika said, this sadly wont get returned. What exactly did you lose?
  20. TheFancyBear

    Me lol

    Thats awesome, which realm/server do you play on on manacube?