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  1. Shadowhat101

    Manacube Sandbox Realm

    I think it would definately be a huge project for admins however i'm sure they could use this as an idea in the future and maybe put their own twist on it!
  2. Shadowhat101

    Manacube Sandbox Realm

    Thank you so much!
  3. Shadowhat101

    Manacube Sandbox Realm

    Imagine a special place in Manacube where you can do anything—it's like a Sandbox Realm where every player can access all the cool stuff from different seasons. It's a mix of nostalgia and a big playground for trying out new things. In this Sandbox Realm, you can use your favorite items from...
  4. Shadowhat101

    Islands Season 7

  5. Shadowhat101

    Collection Giveaway because of COLLEGE :(

    I hope you had lots of fun whilst playing! IGN: Shadowhat101
  6. Shadowhat101

    Valentines Crate

    @DerSchroeder gotta find that letter one fr
  7. Shadowhat101

    Make Survival Great Again - Why we need great survival ? What is great survival looks like ?

    Minecraft acting like his team aren’t being recked rn
  8. Shadowhat101

    Make Survival Great Again - The Establishment of the Great Survival Confederacy and National Party of Survival.

    How come we beat u every time u try to fight fairly xD or do you need to redrop like 50 times to show your 'communist cult' powers
  9. Shadowhat101

    Mystery Crate

  10. Shadowhat101

    Winter Festival 2023

  11. Shadowhat101


    IGN: Shadowhat101 Discord: Shad0what
  12. Shadowhat101

    Christmas Crate

    on the 5th day of christmas my dacon gave to me, 5 free crates, 4.1 cubits, 3 cool titles, 2 packits of sweets and 1 W sva
  13. Shadowhat101

    This is only for rewards

  14. Shadowhat101

    Food Crate

    Gl to everyone, this crate gonna make me sick fr cause uh food and when u eat lots of food u get uh sick.
  15. Shadowhat101

    5 Cubit Giveaway

    Pixels shape new worlds, Custom items forge the path, Survival, crafted. gl to everyone else - your haikus are amazing fr @DerSchroeder @xeme - no idea who this guy is @mbmoly
  16. Shadowhat101


    Shadowhat101 Discord - Shad0what gl to everyone
  17. Shadowhat101

    10 Year Anniversary

    W crate fr 1694623631
  18. Shadowhat101

    Sci-Fi Crate

    i love a good sci-fi crate
  19. Shadowhat101

    Summer Festival 2023

    Can't wait fr
  20. Shadowhat101

    New crate idea: Bee Crate!!!

    I think the idea is sooo cool and I would love to see a bee crate. Maybe one of the items could be some sort of sva bee totem, which has possibly a 30 second cooldown in which you will be revived and a swarm of bees will protect you like the pacman axe but bees and as a totem