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  1. TheSnad

    Finished Mana Themed Competition

    IGN: TheSnad Disc: Sandi#7030 Survival It's 11x21 :) Just because pride month is over doesn't mean you shouldn't be proud to be YOU <3
  2. TheSnad

    This is only for rewards

    what rewards?
  3. TheSnad

    74 Crate Giveaway (edit 55 because crates are 6 cubits.)

    IGN: TheSnad Disc: Sandi#7030 Server: Survival Memory: Going bar hopping with my friends on my birthday (: Friends: @Surzy @InfusedChaos @_SniperDevil_
  4. TheSnad

    Ignored People

    If there's a way for you guys to make it so we don't see the people we've ignored /shout and /me that would be dope, they're ignored for a reason so the last thing I want is for them to communicate through /me to bypass the ignore. Thanks ManaStaff <3
  5. TheSnad

    Decorate tha crates!

    Cause its cute (:
  6. TheSnad

    Decorate tha crates!

    +1 I loved what Gilly did with the Halloween crate! It’s definitely nice to see all the items on armor stand statues so you can see size references, plus the decorations really draw you in!
  7. TheSnad

    24 Crate Giveaway.

    IGN: TheSnad Disc: Sandi#7030 Server: Surv Memory: My first Christmas on Manacube last year was a very special memory for me Friends: @TantorDoe @_SniperDevil_ @InfusedChaos
  8. TheSnad

    Finished Mana Themed Competition

    User: TheSnad Disc: Sandi#7030 Server: Survival Merry Christmas!!
  9. TheSnad

    Manacube 2022 Survival Giveaway

    IGN: TheSnad Disc: Sandi#7030 Favorite memory of Christmas is when my friend and I made cookies and they made theirs into a huge candy cane that took 45 mins to cook @_SniperDevil_ @Surzy @TantorDoe @InfusedChaos
  10. TheSnad

    Halloween 2022 | Event + Crate

    ayyyy let’s go
  11. TheSnad

    Suggestion for Task Rewards

    This is actually really smart cause I hate doing tasks because I don't need most of the trash rewards, but something like this would make me actually want to do them a bit more
  12. TheSnad

    9 Year Anniversary | New Hub

    This is so cool!!! Happy birthday Mana (:
  13. TheSnad

    3 Cubit Giveaway!

    TheSnad Universal is better than Disney :P
  14. TheSnad


    IGN: TheSnad Disc:Sandi#7030 Why I Stay: It's a pretty long list of things I love about this server in my 1 year of playing it, but the short list is: I love the people on survival, I've made way more friends than I ever would've thought I could make on Minecraft and the gameplay is fun and...
  15. TheSnad

    Finished Mana Monthly Themed Competition

    IGN: TheSnad Disc: Sandi#7030 Server: Survival (:
  16. TheSnad


    IGN-TheSnad DIsc-Sandi#7030 Thank you Rah and GL to all! :D
  17. TheSnad

    20 Cubit giveaway!

    Disc- Sandi#7030 IGN-TheSnad :D
  18. TheSnad

    [ENDED] Crates + Cubits GIVEAWAY

    TheSnad 12345 Gl to all (:
  19. TheSnad

    Survival Season 8 Suggestions

    A way to buy extra end of season vaults would be good, I know there are a couple people who wouldn’t mind dropping like 10bil or a couple cubits for extra end of season vaults so they don’t lose their ssvs
  20. TheSnad

    Finished Mana Monthly Themed Competition

    Username: TheSnad Discord: Sandi#7030 Created on Survival :D