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  1. gunnarhjelm

    Manacube is really dumb for not removing safe pit

    it makes pvp unfair and you dont get rewarded by pvping, that means we gotta either p2w or farm our asses off to get 1 cubit, back in the days i got multiple svas including a lightsaber worth over 100cubits because of the nonsafe pit
  2. gunnarhjelm

    We want more fun pvp on factions so more people will play!!!

    Just like the outpost we have on factions is on this picture but theres a big diffrens, the outpost is 24/7 so when your faction has capped the outpost and if they capp it for 1 hour they get a key or a reward. This makes pvp so fun and all the factions will have to grind for better gear to capp...
  3. gunnarhjelm

    GaniW - QA Team Application [Survival]

    Your Minecraft Username GaniW Discord username youngthugarif What is the main realm you play on Survival When did you start playing on ManaCube and what does your activity look like? I started playing manacube about 2 years and pushing 3 years, and first look at manacube it was fun...
  4. gunnarhjelm

    Can we get manaoutpost every 3 hours instead of 6 hours

    the time we wait untill next outpost is always so boring and can we get more active staffs and mods so factions can get more players, everythings bugged )=
  5. gunnarhjelm

    Yo I lost my sonic boots

    I lost my sonic boots in beta verison the sonic boots were sva and could I get them back?
  6. gunnarhjelm

    Manacube is really dumb for not removing safe pit

    So many people is going to start playing manacube survival if they remove safe pit and then put on item drops on death and then the other people wothout holys can go to iceheaven to pvp. Its more fun to pvp when you have the chance to lose your items, that means that its going to be bigger fight...
  7. gunnarhjelm

    Idea for next reset on survial

    Make it so parties can compete like when we have big wars in /warp pvp. The idea is if yall can make a turf system similar to the mana outpost that we have in /factions. Each hour a turf/mana outpost starts and if a party kills the other parties and stayes there longer than the other parties...
  8. gunnarhjelm

    When is the server going to wipe?????

    Yall in manacube are lacking hard, yall aint doin bits gang, we all are asking for better pvp and for the server to wipe and yall are adding more crates that no1 cares about. The food crate was shit and this whole season has been shit. wipe the damn server and but in some more effort so the pvp...
  9. gunnarhjelm

    Run back unsafe pvp arena

    Yo brotha stop with the president yappin boi only thing making you go pit is cuz you jump back down after you die 100 times untill we kill ourself because were not fighting for 3 hours and killing yout 300 times
  10. gunnarhjelm

    Run back unsafe pvp arena

    Aint gon lie all the OG pvpers on this server is quitting and am doin this myself and thats because of the safe pit arena, idk abou yall making this abyss arena for but non of yall going there, the unsafe pvp arena should be in spawn and the safe pvp arena is the iceheaven. Fix yo server gang
  11. gunnarhjelm

    [ENDED] Crates + Cubits GIVEAWAY

    XxGanixX 12345
  12. gunnarhjelm

    Lucille Nerf...