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  1. r3qed

    How to "Farm" cubits

    I think that this was a good post that can help many ppl to get more cubits
  2. r3qed

    People have 8 votes already....

    yeah its because of the timezones and when the voting sites refreshes
  3. r3qed

    What are your favorite servers and why?

    I have played islands for over 100H and I love it! everyone on there is fantastic
  4. r3qed

    My Exp Grinders

    nice! btw you could ask like sinnerstar if he could do a custom warp for you (he is an mvp+) that would be easier for people to find your exp grinder :)
  5. r3qed

    How's your life going?

    my school started today soooo.... I am not that good :(. but otherwise (if you don't count school) I feel pretty good
  6. r3qed

    How to get Money

    helpful for new players! also, you can make a lot of money whit cactus farms!
  7. r3qed

    Happy 2019!

    happy new year!
  8. r3qed

    Forum Donator Rank

    thank you for the help!
  9. r3qed


    ty, for the answer! i will try that
  10. r3qed

    New Island Shop!

    yeah, people can do their own shop for free. butt good ide tho
  11. r3qed

    My build rate it!

    7/10 good build but add more details. but keep up the goods work!
  12. r3qed


    i have noticed lag on the server too, especially islands but idk, that is maybe cuz i am on islands most of my time playing on the server