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  1. Yoraizo

    Spring Festival 2024

    Heck yeah, good stuff this season, i love it. Great job Manastaffs!
  2. Yoraizo

    Mystery Crate

  3. Yoraizo

    Christmas Crate

    Very well made crate, great item designs and no bad loot (except for some of the common one lol), also Merry Christmas!!
  4. Yoraizo

    Skyblock Season 12

    Jeez what a HUGE update!! This IS the brand new experience that im looking for ngl
  5. Yoraizo

    Food Crate

    Food-grade certified crate!!
  6. Yoraizo


    i IGN: Yoraizo Discord: yoraizor6969
  7. Yoraizo

    Creative Worlds Update

    Hmmm interesting, might look into it later lol (i wanna learn how to build too)
  8. Yoraizo

    10 Year Anniversary

    Man its been a year or two since i joined Manacube, and many happy memories has been made, especially last year grinding for elite by counting on prestige xD, still got no regrets staying here!! Anyway Happy Manacube Anniversary 10th!! also dope crate frfr
  9. Yoraizo

    Pixar Crate

    dope crate bro :skull:
  10. Yoraizo

    Wild Crate

    Wild crate be wildin' fr (every1 goes feral)