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  1. crime

    HUGE IDEA! New World In Survival?!

    +1 , the koth idea would be great right now as there is nothing to gain in pvp due to it being keep inv right now. Even the koth area can have keep inv but there must be some sort of way to earn something from pvp now.
  2. crime

    A pvp suggestion

    +1 i agree @octon71
  3. crime

    Fix Anticheat - Suggestions & Feedback!

    The same thing has happened to me even with video proof. Staff that actually know what cheats look like and don't rely on a shit anticheat is needed.
  4. crime

    Lost stuff during event

    i do ;)
  5. crime

    Lost stuff during event

    make a ticket bozo
  6. crime

    got ban no reason

  7. crime

    Who is the best at pvp?

    Me, im so good the anticheat false banned me :oops::oops::oops:
  8. crime

    G0reds Departure

    My favourite part of manacube is the community. Most people are kind and friendly and its easy to make friends. Miss you gored, pvp this season would have been/be a lot more fun if you were playing.
  9. crime

    A final gift to ManaCube

    Ign: 1x1is11 Discord: n.#5201 Prizes- I would like to win the green lightsaber and/or fork because I have recently started playing mana in general about a month ago and I've been really interested in survival/aether and grinding has been hard not having a good sword and a sva pick would make it...