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  1. AtePlant

    The Death of Mapmaking

    bro what, did man get possessed by the reading comprehension devil. he was just pointing out the obvious bad actors in the server, but youre too busy pole-jocking manacube to see this. This is a problem no matter where you stand, and if you dont see this, the grand you spent on this server is...
  2. AtePlant

    Rejected Legs - Medium

    You have outdone yourself, Blurpyfied
  3. AtePlant

    Accepted TugBoat ~ Medium

    Genuinely Noah, this is a pretty decent build.
  4. AtePlant

    Rejected Grimace - Easy

    = 0
  5. AtePlant

    Community Judges: Player Interest

    My application:
  6. AtePlant

    Closed Monkey Jungle Parkour

    Next featured
  7. AtePlant

    Accepted Portrait

    Lyrics to the song ^
  8. AtePlant

    Accepted Portrait

    Map Makers: AtePlant & caseyclosed Map: Prince ** ik pixel art isn't allowed, but I thought it looked rly good and you guys could make an exception :) ** /plot h prince Difficulty: Medium Jumps: 50
  9. AtePlant

    Accepted Hello! this is my first map

    Map Makers: AtePlant, caseyclosed, echoe__ Map: Candyman Picture: (I couldn't get F2 to work) /plot h candy Difficulty: Expert Jumps: 92
  10. AtePlant

    Accepted Pierce - Easy

  11. AtePlant

    Accepted Diver - Insane

    omgah this map is finally out! Good stuff
  12. AtePlant

    Accepted Maple - Insane

    Thanks for all the constructive critism and support. I put a lot of time and effort into this one (half a year). So seeing such outrageous support from the community brings warmth to my heart.
  13. AtePlant

    Accepted Maple - Insane

    Thank you, but I think the parkour is so good the judges will look over this fact :)
  14. AtePlant

    Accepted Maple - Insane

    Map Maker: AtePlant Map: Maple /plot h maple Difficulty: Insane Jumps: 150
  15. AtePlant

    Accepted ManaExpo - Expert

    Your puzzle section is cringe
  16. AtePlant

    Rejected Opener ~ Medium

    i hardly know her