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  1. Bl4ck_Cr0ss

    [Question] Who do you think is the greatest Earth player ever?

    Oh damnn I'm flattered even being mentioned in this, tysm!
  2. Bl4ck_Cr0ss

    Art Comp Voting is Open Now!

    Lets get to voting!!! All art is great but only one can be number 1! ;)
  3. Bl4ck_Cr0ss

    give us /earf

  4. Bl4ck_Cr0ss

    Second Ever Gordon Art Comp!!

    Wooooooo, its ART TIME!! :D
  5. Bl4ck_Cr0ss

    Whats your favourite food!

    I like spaghetti bolognese
  6. Bl4ck_Cr0ss

    The Manacube Weekly - Week 9

    Oh damn you got a newspaper going on, nice undi!