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  1. bawsarlv

    Mystery Crate

  2. bawsarlv

    Christmas Crate

  3. bawsarlv

    Chest shops

    No people are saying that they cant sell in my shop. I have to go to the same cube as the shop is so they could sell.
  4. bawsarlv

    Chest shops

    Hey we really need that people can buy from your chest shops even if you are offline or in other cubes and worlds. It would be very nice if you could make that happen in next wipe if it is soon. If its not soon then just make it happen :)
  5. bawsarlv

    10 Year Anniversary

    I was playing minecraft back at 2012 and kinda stoped like in 2015. but last year i thought why not try to play minecraft again so i randomly joined manacube and now i cant stop playing XD rly great server and comunity :)
  6. bawsarlv

    Please fix party perms

    Yes and it wont work
  7. bawsarlv

    Please fix party perms

    Please fix party premissions on chest opening. That people could again open chests in my claims but couldnt take items out of shop chests.
  8. bawsarlv

    [WE NEED THIS ASAP]Survival Party premissions for Guests need new perm for chest opening

    Hello my name is BawsarLv. I have been running a warp that lets new people get some free stuff so their game is more easy at begging. So all started with that i made a small house next to my claim with chests. Everyone liked this idea and people started to giveaway stuff they dont need or take...
  9. bawsarlv

    Earth Season 3

    can t wait :)