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  1. Fusionerr

    Spring Festival 2024

    looks nice!
  2. Fusionerr

    Fools Crate

    cool crate!
  3. Fusionerr

    Cubit Giveaway

    ign: Fusionerr Discord: fusioner Realm: Skyblock
  4. Fusionerr

    February 2024

    How does the lb updating works? because on sb there was still like 5h left and the top 5 islands was that same number as it says here, even tho I added like 5bil in those last 5h to get to #5 but Ig it just didn't update. Same happened on Islands. So the last 6 hours it takes for is lb to update...
  5. Fusionerr

    Collection Giveaway because of COLLEGE :(

    gl with college! IGN: Fusionerr
  6. Fusionerr

    Mystery Crate

  7. Fusionerr


    IGN: Fusionerr Discord: fusioner
  8. Fusionerr


    If you win any event, staff will ask you on which realm you want the reward(title and trophy or title alone), and then it takes some time to recieve(usually less than a week but depends) but eventually you'll get it, I dont see the point of this post at all, need some patience for the price and...
  9. Fusionerr

    Food Crate

  10. Fusionerr

    Season 7 All Possible Advancements

    This really needs to be fixed, on the new season post form +1 year ago it was mentioned as a new feature and it has been broken since then.
  11. Fusionerr


    i ign: Fusionerr disc: fusioner
  12. Fusionerr

    Creative Worlds Update

  13. Fusionerr

    10 Year Anniversary

  14. Fusionerr

    Pokèmon 2.0 Crate Concept

    I'll act like I didnt read this at all
  15. Fusionerr

    Pokèmon 2.0 Crate Concept

    +1 :D
  16. Fusionerr

    Sci-Fi Crate

    nice crate
  17. Fusionerr

    Summer Festival 2023

    nice event
  18. Fusionerr

    Some advancements not achievable and harvester hoe delay

    Hello, with the release of the new season it was introduced being able to complete all minecraft vanilla advancements for a "verified check" title, which is nice, the issue with this is that it's been a year and some advancements are still impossible to complete. Screenshot of the season post...
  19. Fusionerr

    Pixar Crate

  20. Fusionerr

    Pit trapping

    agreed. It gets extremely annoying when you're having fun or testing something in pit and then some random player comes, traps you in combat tag, dies and then come back in an infinite loop with you having very low chances of getting out of pit without dying, ik its a safe zone but still. A...