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  1. DerSchroeder

    Spring Festival 2024

  2. DerSchroeder

    Cubit Giveaway

    Ign: DerSchroeder discord: derbeekeeper realm: Survival :D -thanks for making this nice giveaway nple <3
  3. DerSchroeder

    Fools Crate

    Cool crate, has some funny cosmetics but the svas are rather useless- more trolly. Good luck to everyone with the giveaway <3 Bee crate next please ;3 -Derry
  4. DerSchroeder

    Pirate Crate

    Wohoooo What a Great crate! Congrats to Stephie again for finally getting that cool crate! Gl with the giveaway to everyone!
  5. DerSchroeder

    A very small amount of suggestions I've been thinking about for a while

    I like these ideas! I would agree with all your simple changes. All the ideas around Bossfights sound really nice and also very fun to play + it would still be manacube-like. Implementing a parkour race on other realms than parkour is an amazing idea aswell. I wouldnt really agree 100% with the...
  6. DerSchroeder

    Crate Giveaway?

    I love this Idea! :DD Happy that other players make such giveaways and giving everyone a bigger chance for cool prices! And ofc id join that giveaway :3 IGN: DerSchroeder -Derry
  7. DerSchroeder

    Collection Giveaway because of COLLEGE :(

    was great to play with you man. Hope you have a good time. And gl to everyone with the giveaway ofc! IGN: DerSchroeder
  8. DerSchroeder

    Valentines Crate

    Gotta click @Shadowhat101 with that letter
  9. DerSchroeder

    Mystery Crate

    Im Der and im happy that i can get yellow easter armor again. But next crate is a bee crate okay?
  10. DerSchroeder

    Survival reset ideas

    I like most of the ideas! Some changes to pvp, especially the Abyss would be very important in my opinion. Also, keeping the Abyss and pvp pit at spawn seperated is good because mana new players just run in the pit and would drop their stuff if keep inventory gets eneabled again which would...
  11. DerSchroeder

    Winter Festival 2023

    Love it! One of the best events so far! =D
  12. DerSchroeder


    IGN: DerSchroeder dc: DerBeekeeper Arrvee is my alt
  13. DerSchroeder

    Christmas Crate

    Love it! one of the coolest crates so far! very cozy crate area too :3
  14. DerSchroeder

    Food Crate

    I Like this crate! Its kinda random but has cool stuff :D
  15. DerSchroeder

    Petition to make Bee Balloon better

    Alright so- as you read in the title this is a petition to make the bee balloon from /balloons an actual bee instead of a pufferfish as it is rn. Here is a little video of me showing how it looks right now. Please react to this post to vote for it and eventually let staff see this ;) -Der
  16. DerSchroeder

    Not agreed

    Not agreed
  17. DerSchroeder


    I :3 Ign: DerSchroeder Dc: DerBeekeeper
  18. DerSchroeder

    Survival What is the usual price of x1 villager spawn egg?

    The price for one villager spawn egg is around 0.1 to 0.3 cubits, so 100M to 300M
  19. DerSchroeder

    Sci-Fi Crate

    I love this crate and wanted to tell you all that bees are amazing