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  1. Audiths

    Skyblock Season 12

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    Food Crate

  3. Audiths

    10 Year Anniversary

    joined feb 2021 (not a clue why forums say 2019) favourite memory would be winning the sumo event (with the og knockout title and will be the only time i’m winning an event)
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    Summer Festival 2023

  5. Audiths

    Taylor Swift Crate

    the only time i’m agreeing with you fire
  6. Audiths

    Easter Crate

  7. Audiths

    Olympus Season 6

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  9. Audiths

    Manacube API

    all of those links dont work btw (they just show code)
  10. Audiths

    Why chat should be removed

    there is a command called /chathide
  11. Audiths

    Zeus mine

    -1, just make them the same as last ssn (based on block count & not a timer). all of the mines are like this, not just zeus.
  12. Audiths

    Private Mines for Patrons

    +1 i'm pretty sure dacon said that it's possible to add them
  13. Audiths

    Cubits For Rebirth on Olympus (for god not individual)

    -1, most people rebirth too easily, so i don't see a point, there's /top for mining, so you get cubits per month for placing in top 5
  14. Audiths

    Event time-zone friendly

    i'm talking about the mini events on oly, not the server events
  15. Audiths

    Event time-zone friendly

    Please make events time-zone friendly, not all of us live in est
  16. Audiths

    Featured Islands Builds

    i remember you giving us a tour pre mod days
  17. Audiths

    Remove Dragonfruits

    you can buy stacks and stacks off of other people, not just from gkits/kits, you also can get them from pond, elite/legend crate and gift of the gods
  18. Audiths

    Remove Dragonfruits

    Hi, please remove Dragonfruits on Olympus as it gets annoying, when many people can use them at once and at it can get impossible to mine most of the time.