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  1. A Pink Cow

    Accepted ManaExpo - Expert

    banger of a map
  2. A Pink Cow

    Accepted Torino - Insane

    Huhuhu, slow and steady wins the race :) banger of a map. Ty for letting me build on it Khi!!
  3. A Pink Cow

    [ENDED] 30 Cubits Giveaway

    Ign: Pink_Bovine Discord: A Pink Cow#1902
  4. A Pink Cow

    20 Cubit giveaway!

    A Pink Cow#1902
  5. A Pink Cow


    Pink_Bovine A Pink Cow#1902
  6. A Pink Cow

    [ENDED] 10 CUBIT GIVEAWAY (New Style)

    Pink_Bovine A Pink Cow#1902
  7. A Pink Cow

    Rejected The Home Depot Ceiling Lighting Aisle - Easy

    *Intercom noises* There is a lost child in aisle 12, please come pick them up
  8. A Pink Cow

    Accepted Otter - Medium

    Soph you're on an absolute ROLL. I love the peripheries!! It's going swimmingly, eh?
  9. A Pink Cow

    Accepted Bark Bark - Easy

    Love frisbees? Love Border Collies?? Look no further!! Map name: Bark Bark (Christened by @Elly_x ) Jumps: 22 CPs: 2 Difficulty: Easy Location: /plot v Pink_Bovine 15
  10. A Pink Cow

    Accepted Winter Birds - Insane

    It's a bit chilly out there, but thankfully spring is just round the corner! Come enjoy the thawing of the ice with these majestic winter birds! Hee ho! Pink here with an insane map submission! Jumps: 80 CPs: 10 Location: /plot v Pink_bovine 11 As always, some photos :) I've heard there...
  11. A Pink Cow

    Parkour - Season 2

    This is truly the awakening of a new legacy for parkour. Thanks for all the hard work you guys have put into it! My hooves are trembling with excitement
  12. A Pink Cow

    What are you currently listening to?

    I'll start us off :p MMMM the harmonies on this song. Plus if it's good enough for the grammy's, it's good enough for me!
  13. A Pink Cow

    What are you currently listening to?

    Helo Parkourers. Simple question really, what song/album are you currently jamming to? Photos/explanations highly appreciated!!
  14. A Pink Cow

    Map of the Year: Insane Results 2 and Thanks

    :D Thank you for hosting this Mr Lofi! I look forward to what you have in store for us next year (hint hint... :)
  15. A Pink Cow

    Basics - Series 2 - Building

    Hey hoo- Pink here! It's MAP BUILDING time For the month of February, there will be a 3-part series for mappers to learn and discuss from! At the end of the month do keep your eye out! :D Hope you guys are excited as I am. There is SO much to learn from these mappers! Much love, @Quinny...
  16. A Pink Cow

    Map of the Year - Expert

    I agree with the above nominations. I would like to add Hyperlight to the list please!
  17. A Pink Cow

    Basics - Parkour Variance and Self Constraint

    I genuinely really like the idea of limited variation. I think someone said ones- restrictions breed creativity and there is not a more true case than this! guess you can say
  18. A Pink Cow

    Featured Basics - Series 1 (A guide on how to make Parkour)

    I'd like to highlight what the Mapper folks on Parkour have been working on very hard this month! Making mapmaking a lot more accessible with our tutorials! The completed first trilogy of tutorials has been completed [Links all below] - The thumbnail poster for the series! Tutorial 1: Show...
  19. A Pink Cow

    Accepted Old Site - Expert

    You're camping in the ruins of an old castle.. when you suddenly feel the night growing colder... Welcome to OLD SITE Difficulty: Expert Plot: /plot v Oldsite Jumps: 86, CPs: 9 Creators: @Shinxray @A Pink Cow Unique features: Minecart technologies as seen like never before, Strawberries for...
  20. A Pink Cow

    Map of the Year (2021): Easy

    Elongated furby, Kiwi, Moana are my nominations