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  1. LiterallyPurple


    my toes are on fire
  2. LiterallyPurple

    might do it this time

    might do it this time
  3. LiterallyPurple

    you know

    i don’t know but okay
  4. LiterallyPurple

    oGal why

    just don’t go into cano
  5. LiterallyPurple

    Last Post Wins!

  6. LiterallyPurple

    Hey! I'm Swiss

    i’d love to get into an argument with you lmk when and where <3
  7. LiterallyPurple


    i’m embarrassed for you
  8. LiterallyPurple

    Factions Is Dying!!!! *Welp*

    You’re wrong <3
  9. LiterallyPurple


    unlucky really
  10. LiterallyPurple


  11. LiterallyPurple


    that’s so embarrassing omg
  12. LiterallyPurple

    This made me uncomfortable.

    1: charlie isn’t a girl, this isn’t charlie damelio 2: simply close your eyes!!
  13. LiterallyPurple

    ENDED Legendary Keys Giveaway ENDED

    Entering so my homies cna get bold <33 love ya ozzy!
  14. LiterallyPurple


    pelase baen me
  15. LiterallyPurple

    I refuse

    I refuse
  16. LiterallyPurple

    Finished Midweek Cooking Event - Sept 2020

    I don't understand what you are supposed to be cooking.
  17. LiterallyPurple

    "Bit** im the shi** dont touch me"- Mike Sherm

    "Bit** im the shi** dont touch me"- Mike Sherm
  18. LiterallyPurple

    get it because paige sounds like page

    get it because paige sounds like page
  19. LiterallyPurple

    Chat Filter?

    its been a thing forever
  20. LiterallyPurple

    7 Year Anniversary

    thanks dad very cool