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    The Abomination - Expert

    Bin Approved :thumbsup:
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    Accepted Lady In Red - Medium

    Her poor back
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    Accepted Who doesn't love piston parkour???!!!

    Map name: Portalis Builder: BinLicker Difficulty: HARD Number of jumps: 54 Number of cps: 8 thanks dooble!
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    Accepted The KING HAS RETURNED

    Works a treat
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    Accepted The KING HAS RETURNED

    Feeling like a winner
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    Accepted The KING HAS RETURNED

    Map Name: Ika Difficulty: EXPERT Build: BinLicker Parkour: Fristytoes Jump number: 80 Number of checkpoints: 10
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    Rejected Skilift : Easy [Resubmission]

    It's extremely similar to the insane map Ski Resort
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    Closed lemonke 6

    Not fun you guys suck
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    Rejected Technoblade - Hard

    There is no point disagreeing with feedback from experienced mappers trying to help you. Surely you see a pattern of people saying the same thing and just take a step back and go "hmm i do see what they mean". The head is not scaled correctly, the posture is off and the clothes look unnatural...
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    BinLicker BinLicker#8371
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    Rejected Ilot Balmoral - Insane

    Man signed his own map
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    [ENDED] 10 CUBIT GIVEAWAY (New Style)

    BinLicker BinLicker#8371
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    [ENDED] Crates + Cubits GIVEAWAY

    He's back in business, it's good to see you back broski! BinLicker 12345
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    Rejected The Home Depot Ceiling Lighting Aisle - Easy

    Mum can we please visit one of the 8 wonders of the world, "The Home Depot Ceiling Lighting Aisle"
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    Accepted This stinks of fish

    Map name: Koi Map maker: BinLicker Difficulty: Easy Plot: 21st fly left <3 Number of jumps / Number of cps: 24/4
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    Bug report?
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    Rejected Asteroid - Medium

    but this build isn't an asteroid tho it is a meteor with the name asteroid
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    Rejected Asteroid - Medium

    So it isn't original LMAO
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    Accepted Otter - Medium

    I personally believe that people who know a theme is being used by someone should ask if they can use that theme first. Their map got rejected on the basis that the theme wasn't really shown. They were not given the opportunity to improve on their theme and all their efforts have been gone to...
  20. BinLicker

    Accepted Storybook - Easy (resubmission)

    The castle was more of the issue rather than how pretty the castle is. What I think the judges mean is that there are still so many castle builds.