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  1. Jushua

    Manacube 2019 Appreciation <3

    love you ruby <3 2019 was a blast
  2. Jushua

    hi abbie

    hi abbie
  3. Jushua

    Throwback Parkour Family Tree

    We are almost coming up on the 1 year anni of the Parkour family tree from 2020 summer (August 4th). So many good people gone sadly but we can look at this and reminisce on the good times and memories. 2020 parkour community was something else man ;-;
  4. Jushua

    Olympus Season 4

  5. Jushua

    The Need For Kit Reset + Suggestions

    Voiding is dumb
  6. Jushua

    The Need For Kit Reset + Suggestions

    Completely agree. The kit has too much neglect and barely any attention given server wise.
  7. Jushua

    -1000000 Dollar New Years Giveaway-

    Jushua disc: Jushua#2076 I want to get 100 girls in 2021!
  8. Jushua

    40k Mana Giveaway Winners!

    WINNERS: 1. EvanTech - 20k Mana 2. Jacobsfunparty - 10k Mana 3. Acid_Reflvx - 10k Mana Thanks for entering <3 Another one soon!
  9. Jushua

    [CLOSED] 40k Mana Giveaway #2

  10. Jushua

    [CLOSED] 40k Mana Giveaway #2

    :cool:Hello Everyone :cool: This is my 2nd mana giveaway on parkour because I'm bored and have nothing else to do. There will be 3 winners with 3 different amounts of mana. Winners will be chosen randomly. I'll make a youtube video showing. Winner 1 - 20000 Winner 2 - 10000 Winner 3 - 10000...
  11. Jushua

    Factions Season 7

    also abbie and eric = best factions staff
  12. Jushua

    Factions Season 7

    Factions on top
  13. Jushua

    Factions 6.5 Update

    factions is getting that love
  14. Jushua


  15. Jushua

    Elite rank giveaway at 300 cubits.

    ign: Jushua but I dont want elite. If I win, give it to Ella_mac. Thanks
  16. Jushua

    Parkour Family Tree >:)

    you had a 1 night stand with someone, therefore we dont know who colins father is LOL
  17. Jushua

    Parkour Family Tree >:)

    Can we talk about how ella and nils had the least successful family? There are 3 accidents in there LOL
  18. Jushua

    Parkour Family Tree >:)

  19. Jushua

    Favorite Parkour music?

    I gotta listen to hiphop while parkoring. It puts me in the focus mode
  20. Jushua

    Parkour Family Tree >:)

    thankyou <3 took like 3 hours LMAO