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  1. Derpylatios

    Factions Season 19

    Factions ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  2. Derpylatios

    August 2021

  3. Derpylatios

    Survival Season 7

    Looks real nice, looking forward to it
  4. Derpylatios

    The Merge

    What will happen with Pluteria?
  5. Derpylatios

    The Merge

    Hey, I have a question. What if you are banned on Manacube and not banned on Mineville? Are these bans reset or... Really looking forward to the plans ahead :)
  6. Derpylatios

    Skyblock/Islands FREE VAULT SPACE!

    Hello everyone! It is that time of the year again where everyone is getting ready to store all of their seasonal items. I know there are a lot of collectors out there, and they would need a lot of space for their items. So, I figured that I could use my alts to help store things for other...
  7. Derpylatios

    MAY 2021

    POG 2nd
  8. Derpylatios

    Spawner Uses and why they should be removed.

    Hello Ashley, thank you for taking your time to let the Olympus staff know about this. I really appreciate it! I understand that you want to bring a general consensus from the staff team, however I believe that the players really do experience this the most. Players are the ones directly...
  9. Derpylatios

    Spawner Uses and why they should be removed.

    I have heard from almost EVERY community that they don't want spawner uses on their reset. Spawners were already nerfed into the ground from the recent changes, mining already makes that money. I enjoyed last season of having that 'passive income' and I liked the direction that they were...
  10. Derpylatios

    Countdown to being able to buy an unban yessir

    #FreeCowamin 12 Bans, 17 Mutes for a total of 29 infractions across 3 accounts. I'm counting with you.
  11. Derpylatios

    Proposed Gameplay Changes

    I think spawners are healthy for the game, so long as we have to maintain a lot of the progress that we get from them. If you have to maintain a stack of spawners, that's 9 stacks of fragments that you have to repair them with. Although I agree making spawners too involved with the game could be...
  12. Derpylatios

    Proposed Gameplay Changes

    I had some ideas floating around and I was bored... Here are some that I made. Feel free to discuss, although these things may not be added. Proposed Gameplay Changes
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    Olympus Suggestion Poll

    A very interesting suggestion, I feel like they should maybe spread out rather than increase the number of ponds. I think that the amount of things that are dropped from pond is enough.
  14. Derpylatios

    Olympus Suggestion Poll

    A lot of players usually did /plot add others but mainly it was a problem with people plot boosting. Guess this is why we can't have nice things :I
  15. Derpylatios

    need help finding eggs

    can i ask what server this is on..? lol
  16. Derpylatios

    Olympus Suggestion Poll

    ikr top deaths is pog
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    Olympus Suggestion Poll

    Hey! First off, I'd like to thank everyone who took time out of their day for the survey! Without further ado, here are the results! We got a total of 55 people who voted on the poll. Hopefully some of these things are added into Olympus! Happy grinding! - John
  18. Derpylatios

    Olympus Suggestion Poll

    We were told that it was like that to begin with, most likely meaning nothing was going to be done about it. From a staff point of view you don't see it changing but it's more about the community right now, that's what the poll is mainly about. I'm hoping that a lot of these suggestions aren't...
  19. Derpylatios

    Olympus Suggestion Poll

    Hey guys, I made a poll about Olympus changes. It would mean a lot if you guys took the time and filled it out! If you guys have any more suggestions, please please...