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  1. RReticence

    Nick names

    there is no way i fell for that bruh
  2. RReticence

    Enhance the Auction House experience with Bidding!

    Bidding already exists
  3. RReticence

    Barbie Dream Crate

    I don't know if they edited it or not but I only see regen 1 as the suggestion for the armour?
  4. RReticence

    Nick names

    that is helpful to know
  5. RReticence

    4 Cubits Giveaway

    RReticence, Survival
  6. RReticence

    Make Survival Great Again - The Establishment of the United Alliance

    Regardless of if you were punished or not, you did those things, honestly in my opinion and experience you are not a good person and should not be trusted.
  7. RReticence

    Make Survival Great Again - The Establishment of the United Alliance

    I mean its kinda funny that you think something like this is achievable or even desirable on survival but I think you missed a few things with your apology to your "enemies" such as: scamming, false hackusating and general bullying/creepy obsession. You also mention that the new season of...
  8. RReticence

    Currency conversion idea.

    There's no set value for cubits in currency, it changes drastically over each season based on general player opinion and general player currency, i.e. in early season when players only have several million each, cubits will only be worth several million, the same (hypothetically) if all players...
  9. RReticence

    New crate idea: Bee Crate!!!

    You got a concerning obsession with bees, I approve +1
  10. RReticence

    ManaCube Rewards

    Man I love manacube
  11. RReticence

    Patron prefix

    Just get to p+ then it can be whatever colour you want
  12. RReticence

    Factions Custom Enchants

    I had a couple suggestions on changing some of the custom enchants on factions because they are heavily futile: Telepathy 1: Knock it down a few notches to common or rare because it is a huge waste of exp and is communally hated Headless 1-3: These just have no purpose since players always...
  13. RReticence

    Global Ranks

    Can we assume that ranks bought subsequent to them removing global ranks, will receive the global perks or will we have to repurchase?
  14. RReticence

    Global Ranks

    I don't know if it's even worth posting here, but are we ever going to get global ranks back? it seems kind of like a scam...
  15. RReticence

    I Lost My Slayer Title

    It says in kilton shop that it saves over seasons
  16. RReticence

    I Lost My Slayer Title

    I grinded for hours before the end of Faction season 17 to get to 8000 souls to buy the slayer title and then i bought it and enjoyed it for a small period of time before logging off and going to sleep. I awoke this morning to Factions season 18 and found out that I no longer had my slayer...