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  1. rshh

    Bacoow - QA Team Application [Survival]

    I belive adding bacow to your survival QA team would help expand the range and types of players, i can think of some heavier pvp and some heavier collector and some heavier grinders, but bacow likes to chill from what ive seen so it would greatly expand the range.
  2. rshh

    How to train your dragon Crate

    I like the 40 crate reward a lot I would also love to see bidding items again. Were you bid to buy a item
  3. rshh

    Manacube Sandbox Realm

    I really think there’s could be a bit opportunity for manacube pvp sva tournaments, were you host 1 time w month 1st 20c 2nd 10 3rd 5 and you could do a bracket style were you get to pick you’re svas load out and fight to the death, adding a cool and fun mana specialized pvp component
  4. rshh

    Cubit Giveaway

    Discord-rushball77 ign- rshh - i plau survival and dabble in sb
  5. rshh

    Fools Crate

  6. rshh

    Islands Season 7

    Gonna be fun!!!!!
  7. rshh

    Manacube is really dumb for not removing safe pit

    first of all in my opinion abyss is way to big and if you guys switched abyss and pvp that would be the perfect situation. You guys changed pvp pit after survival players complained of not having space to pvp i believe switching them would create a safer and healthier environment. I have felt it...
  8. rshh

    Burninglands Revamp.

    Please you are killing the ecosystem and I know you guys don’t want to bring back old pit so atleast do somthing like this to help us players who want that and think it’s fun and find no drop boring
  9. rshh

    Collection Giveaway because of COLLEGE :(

    goodluck walter youre furture is in youre hands wish you the best of luck go make some money! -rshh (i need that pendant bad asf ngl)
  10. rshh

    Mystery Crate

  11. rshh

    Survival pit ideas

    1. change it back to were you lose stuff it helps with the eco of souls and makes it a reason to drop pit. 2. make a ptop for kills in pit for explame 1st person get 15c 2, 10c 3. 5c make it a reason to farm pit kills if you switched somthing like abyss and pit it would have been better make...
  12. rshh

    Mythology Crate

    Lemme win fr frfr
  13. rshh

    Should pvp arena back to no-keep-inventory version ?

    pvp has to be turned back. i have enjoyed my time on manacube but i gotta amit i dont got things to do anymore, becuse i main pvp and i dont like building. pvp gave player that thrill of losing stuff and made it more enjoyable. it also gave player a way to grind cubits with take alot of playtime...
  14. rshh

    quit removing stuff that makes this server fun

    fr its only place to practice and rlly the only times i have ever gone reli
  15. rshh

    74 Crate Giveaway (edit 55 because crates are 6 cubits.)

    ign :rshh dc;rushball77#5988 surival my favrete memory of 2022 is when me and some freinds build a hydropanic plant system in class and the got to blow it up :)