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  1. Proxy08

    1.8 PVP or 1.20 PVP on Earth?

    Nah, 1.8 pvp is the real pvp and better Proxy08
  2. Proxy08

    Chicken Earth spawn suggestion

    Ye by Pinguino i think chicken little < earf burrito
  3. Proxy08

    Chicken Earth spawn suggestion

    I was wondering if the staff can change the name of the chicken named "Chicken little" in the earth spawn to "Earf Burrito" Proxy08
  4. Proxy08

    Summer Festival 2023

    cant wait!!
  5. Proxy08

    Summer Festival 2023

  6. Proxy08

    reboot problem

    My spider spawners that i placed some mins before reboot disapear i checked /co inspect and nobody stole them and i didnt break them. I would like to have my spawners back, thanks for the attention! Proxy08