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  1. sir_cactus_noob

    Reviewing xstephie - Staff Application

    +1 Stephie is really nice, and would be a great addition to the staff team.
  2. sir_cactus_noob

    Valentines Crate

    best crate
  3. sir_cactus_noob

    Valentines Crate

    Best crat eby far, gl everyone
  4. sir_cactus_noob

    Suggestion for wardrobes

    Make it so you can store multiple of the same wardrobe at a time :3
  5. sir_cactus_noob

    Mystery Crate thoughts

    What are your thoughts on the mystery crate?
  6. sir_cactus_noob

    Winter Festival 2023

    love this crate
  7. sir_cactus_noob

    Mystery Crate

    One of my favorite crates by far 1705630428 good crate
  8. sir_cactus_noob

    Make Survival Great Again - The Establishment of the Great Survival Confederacy and National Party of Survival.

    1. Idk what be going on in ur head but u be thinking u have more power than Dacon 2. theres no point to this, you most likely will be banned
  9. sir_cactus_noob


    From what I am hearing, there is a way to get refunds, but it results in a perm ban off the mana network