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  1. DylanB_666

    Mana Chronicles - May 2024

    Wooo yeah!
  2. DylanB_666

    Prestige tasks [Islands]

    Yeah I feel like fishing is a key part of islands, therefore I demand it stays!
  3. DylanB_666

    400 cubit giveaway for my birthday

    Omg! Happy birthday my friend!:love: Ily
  4. DylanB_666

    Shared Infinity Chests (Islands)

    If it goes to the island bank assuming they have perms everyone can easily access it, if you have a fear that your leader is gonna take the money theirself, well don't be on an island with someone you don't trust
  5. DylanB_666

    Last Post Wins!

    The real winner is the friends we made along the way
  6. DylanB_666

    Shared Infinity Chests (Islands)

    Or just make it so inf chest earnings can go straight to the island bank
  7. DylanB_666

    Bye o/

  8. DylanB_666

    How to get mana fast

    I don't know what the best way is, but when I grinded monster kills they were giving lots of juicy mana, also make sure you kill bosses and minibosses when you can as they can give mana
  9. DylanB_666

    Bee Crate

  10. DylanB_666

    Do u want (x) mana or should I double it and give it to the next person?

    Not sure, but as it's parkour, it's probably pessi
  11. DylanB_666

    Spring Festival 2024

    Ducks and gambling in one game!? Take all my money
  12. DylanB_666

    Poem Cubit Giveaway

    Dylanb_666 Islands I love islands It's where my eye lands When I go on manacube From the people who shout "boob" To those who just love to fish To the coinflippers whose funds diminish From the chickens who cluck And those that just love ducks Islands is the place for me I hope you now see :D
  13. DylanB_666

    Public Outrage due to lack of cocoa beans!

    Did the government send you to suppress the possibility of cocoa beans in shop? I shan't stand for this!
  14. DylanB_666

    Elimination Giveaway

    Congrats! Sacred you're awesome
  15. DylanB_666

    Last Post Wins!

  16. DylanB_666

    Cubit Giveaway

    Ign: DylanB_666 Discord: dylandylandylanduckduckduck Realm: islands
  17. DylanB_666

    Dylanb_666 - QA Team Application [Islands]

    Your Minecraft Username Dylanb_666 Discord username dylandylandylanduckduckduck What is the main realm you play on Islands When did you start playing on ManaCube and what does your activity look like? I started playing during early 2020, I've played a large amount of manacube...
  18. DylanB_666

    I love islands

    Woo yeah islands! Yeah woohoo! Yargh yohohoho!! Yeah! Islands!
  19. DylanB_666

    Fools Crate

  20. DylanB_666

    Elimination Giveaway

    Dylanb_666 Islands!!!!!!!!!