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    June 2020

    Congratulations on all the nerds in the sotm and the payout winner's and the voting people (つ≧▽≦)つ

    Music Suggestion Thread

    The music I like right now would be mgk(machine gun kelly) in these walls, lewis Capaldi before you go and Dean lewis waved or any song from Dean lewis and lewis Capaldi and I also really like nf the deep songs.


    Omg sonic_raptor I was getting worried I haven't seen you in a while. Welcome back <3


    yes that's the thread I don't know what to say except hi to a person deal with it <3 HI @TTuller

    April 2020

    Congrats to everyone in sotm and everyone that got payout. Congrats on every promotion this month too


    The reset in 2 days but if you wanna try the current skyblock do /Aztec or /oasis

    New event

    Winner round 1 = casey and Shiro Winner round 2 = qtip and Yousef Tomorrow for the finally will be at 2pm est


    Hype omg let goooo

    New event

    The event will be the 7 of April at 5pm est there will be 2 Groupe of 4 or plus if we get more people there will be 2 people from each Groupe moving on to make a finally of 4 player.
  10. AT0MICCHIk3N

    New event

    Welcome this is a thread about me making some event where there's cubit rewards. So the first event will be a dropper minigame you will be on top of a big tower and try to jump into the water. Each time you land I will place a block under your feet (color of your choice)and has the continue it...
  11. AT0MICCHIk3N

    MARCH 2020

    congrats to everyone <3 and let have another great month :D
  12. AT0MICCHIk3N

    Let's chat!

    Hi there madi You probably don't know me :) and we can say that survival is one of the good gamemode but island/skyblock are the best. My day was okay I guess I have to take online course so that keep me unbored and when I'm tired of doing that or my online class is finish I go walk my dogs...
  13. AT0MICCHIk3N

    keeping villagers

    I pretty sure if you take a name tag and name him with that name tag he will not despawn.
  14. AT0MICCHIk3N

    Two hackers on Aztec

    Next time when you see hacker try to do /helpop (example; there is 2 hacker) or if there is no staff on you could try to get video proof so they get banned faster ^-^
  15. AT0MICCHIk3N

    Name/Chat Colour

    To change your name and to add color you have to have vip. to change the name use /Nick and if you want the color do /kit color (example /Nick &0ss&4chicken is gonna but ss black and chicken in red)
  16. AT0MICCHIk3N

    Only Getting Failed Dust

    yes the dust from the mvp+ kit have a better chance of succeeding and have a higher rate .
  17. AT0MICCHIk3N

    Stoping/Taking a break (dunno yet)

    They gave a example with the parkour gamemode but the rule is abusing glitch/bugs is not allowed (that's including in every gamemode). But I can understand why you are mad.
  18. AT0MICCHIk3N

    Stoping/Taking a break (dunno yet)

    Actually there is
  19. AT0MICCHIk3N

    Stoping/Taking a break (dunno yet)

    Well you can try to get a appeal in but the rule are here for a reason. When you say there is no rule about it but there is and advantages on other players. But honestly I wish you the best of luck to get unbanned.
  20. AT0MICCHIk3N

    Alternative for /coinflip

    You can make a this suggestion and make people upvote it