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  1. Splashydragon

    Spring Festival | 2023

  2. Splashydragon

    Olympus Trading 200k mana for 3c Olympus

    Trading 200k mana for 3 cubits
  3. Splashydragon

    Mythology Crate

    I do like a good new crate
  4. Splashydragon

    What’s your favourite gamemode(s)

    I like both oly and earth skyblock is decent too. What do you guys main or like best
  5. Splashydragon

    Olympus Season 6

    Very cool update can’t wait to play!
  6. Splashydragon

    LegoWindu22 Introduction

    Hello there I have been on mana cube for around 2 months and I’m loving it the events the people the gamemodes I have been playing Minecraft for many years but I am primarily bedrock and only started Java 2 years ago but only came back recently So I might seem a bit rusty but I still enjoy...
  7. Splashydragon

    Marvel Update

    Very cool stuff!