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  1. Twixxy

    Manacube Sandbox Realm

    Fun idea, definitely something worth looking into imo.
  2. Twixxy

    March 2024

    Congrats sotm and all promos!! Another great month.
  3. Twixxy

    Fools Crate

    Guess we got april fools for the whole month
  4. Twixxy

    Olympus 101: Basics

    Just go to the wiki ‍♂️
  5. Twixxy

    Unobtainable armor pieces

    MVP armor yeah, i never hear of the other items tbh.
  6. Twixxy

    Remove Unnecessary Realms From Manacube

    remove hubs, 100% will fix the lag.
  7. Twixxy

    Unobtainable armor pieces

    Heya, Sorry to say this but the items are unrecoverable, its been quite some time and we mostly dont do recoveries.
  8. Twixxy

    What rank is needed to use /hdb?

    Heya, VIP and above get the /hbd perk, its not in /perks atm but will suggest to add it in there!
  9. Twixxy


    What do you mean with "Stack". Each enchantment does its own thing, but work together.
  10. Twixxy

    9 Year Anniversary | New Hub

    Daammnnnn, we do be loving improvements.
  11. Twixxy

    Small SVA give-away

    this was in may.
  12. Twixxy

    Is it possible to unsync discord account ingame?

    Heya, you can ask a staff member ingame or over discord to unsync your old account. We will manually unsync you so you can sync it to the right account.
  13. Twixxy

    Featured New Warp mob in oly.

    only got 1 wide space, cant really make it look good.
  14. Twixxy

    Featured New Warp mob in oly.

    Been inspirationless for like 3 months and finally started to build the new warp. gotta say i'm really satisfied. Seems images are too big for forums smh. so heres the link.
  15. Twixxy

    MAY 2022

    Very nice indeed
  16. Twixxy

    Parkour - Season 2

    Season 2 bby, this will be great.
  17. Twixxy

    accidently /ci'ed everything

    There was probably something extra with the custom enchant case, but your issue and theirs is a player mistake. You can try to make a ticket, but most likely will get the reply of it being a player mistake.
  18. Twixxy

    Skyblock Season 11

    What's skyblock?
  19. Twixxy

    Manacube Prisons SVA List [March]

    Hi there, I have been working on a sva list of all svas from manacube and mineville. Now this is is most likely incomplete but with your help im hoping to complete it. If you are missing any svas in the list please dm me on forums, discord or ingame. Hope this helps :D Prisons Sva list Note...