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    Earth Release

    Hello everyone, Earth towny will be releasing on ManaCube Saturday September 11th 2PM EST. This is one of the last remaining stages of the merge with MineVille and we can't wait to add Earth to ManaCube. Earth will be different from the other gamemodes significantly in terms of gameplay, and...
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    Survival Season 7

    Hello everyone, We will be releasing Survival Season 7 on Monday , July 26th 2PM EST. This season, as you know, Kingdom Survival & Mana Survival will be merging together. The biggest part of this reset is our brand new Cube system, which allows us to divide the backend into 9 servers rather than...
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    Crates on Olympus

    Thanks for your feedback. The crates have been reverted.
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    Important Forum Rules

    Use common sense If you think it may be against the rules, don't post it, or privately ask a Staff Member. No offensive content No excessive foul language No spam posts Don't make short and pointless posts. If you like the content and want to show the OP, use the Like button, rather than...