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  1. mishalesru

    Some villagers acting like derps

    They were sun bathing maybe, its summer after all :D hahaha
  2. mishalesru

    how to claim your monthly acient treasture key (for vip)

    If you have the free VIP then you can't claim the key, if you have the real/paid VIP rank then you do /cow and on the left you can claim your key and use it on /crates :D
  3. mishalesru

    i need smokeys discord

    Ask for him in discord or something, I believe its not respectful to give it out without his consent :D
  4. mishalesru

    Remove magic pond challenge from prestige challenges

    Its not a bad suggestion, but you have to keep in mind that prestige is something you don't expect to get on 2-3 days. Yes, the pond challenge might be challenging but its not impossible to do, it just will take some time to complete. :D
  5. mishalesru

    Losing everything

    Yeah, I think that its not possible to rollback just for a single player. If staff rollbacks the server then it would rollback for everyone. Maybe I'm wrong, but its best to wait for a clear staff member answer :D
  6. mishalesru

    Unable to claim elite kits

    That's weird, you can make a ticket Open ticket | ManaCube if this issue perseveres.
  7. mishalesru


    Yeah, if you don't reclaim svas after a while you will loose them :(
  8. mishalesru

    Add /ah plugin

    I think yall should add the /ah plugin so its easier for people to sell items to others