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  1. Scalian

    Talk About Music

    Yea that concert was amazing. All the songs sounded great live.
  2. Scalian

    $15 Christmas Giveaway!

    IGN: Scalian My favorite server is Kitpvp. I enjoy a lot more than one member on mana I can't pick a favorite. If I won I would want 2 christmas keys.
  3. Scalian

    Talk About Music

    Metallica and alice in chains have some really good songs. You should listen to lake of fire by nirvana MTV unplugged or just the whole MTV unplugged concert from nirvana because it's amazing.
  4. Scalian

    Talk About Music

    My favorite genre is alternative rock, classic rock ect... I haven't heard a lot of the songs you mentioned i'll give them a try!
  5. Scalian

    Talk About Music

    Thats awesome! I haven't really picked up a banjo but I really enjoy guitar. I also listen to some rap but I enjoy multiple genres.
  6. Scalian

    Talk About Music

    Hey I play piano and guitar and I sing in a band and I wanted to start a thread to talk about music. Put your favorite songs below. if you play anything tell me what instrument. and if you play guitar what guitar do you have. ect...
  7. Scalian

    Let's make a really epico thread

  8. Scalian

    Let's make a really epico thread

  9. Scalian

    Question of the Day(Christmas Edition): #5

    It really is it's still a good tree though
  10. Scalian

    Whats your favorite joke? (Best joke and first person to say it gets cubit prize)

    I was sitting in the traffic the other day. that's probably why I got run over.
  11. Scalian

    If you had Sunsets perms for 5 minutes...

    I would add a bunch of easter eggs on kitpvp. Maybe make some new hidden shops and make it so you have to find them to use them.
  12. Scalian

    Question of the Day(Christmas Edition): #5

    I use a fake tree that I have had for 16 years.
  13. Scalian

    How KitPvps trail is heading in the future and the current state.

    I just took a short break from mana and I am joining back to kit. I completely agree with your subject on cheaters. I have come across plenty of cheaters when trying to play. I feel like this could be easily combated with more staff members playing but as it looks now there aren't as many active...
  14. Scalian

    How to join the server

    You should just be able to join the server through the IP: if your trying to directly connect to kit pvp then use this. If you have a specific error I would contact a staff member.
  15. Scalian

    Duel Kit GSet

    That would be smart it could allow some of the newer players to experience what its like to fight with a gset and help them get better or just let the players that don't have a team behind there back to fight with a gset. Maybe it could have a weekly bow as well as a god bow with flame because a...
  16. Scalian

    chrismtas present locations

    Thanks for helping out the people who didn't have the time on there hands to search.
  17. Scalian

    Implemented Problems with KitPvP

    I agree with you 100%. The glitches on kitpvp make it unplayable at times and it feels like the devs put little to no time into it. on behalf of the Mana Cube players please work on kitpvp even if its just glitches and not new content. Also the combat tag thing is a little unfair for people who...
  18. Scalian


    There are a lot of things that glitch besides the "lag issue". Sometimes ingame you randomly lose your weapon, SQ vault is enabled in combat, Block glitching, combat log, there are also things that are supposed to be given in ranks that are not, for example /minime. @SenzJinx has really turned...
  19. Scalian


    I agree 100% there are multiple glitches that make kit pvp very infuriating at times.
  20. Scalian

    Stuck in water

    Stuck in water... Hey, to start off how is everyone's day going? So the reason I am making this thread is because I have been running into various issues with movement at times. As you probably know there is a glitch where you can get stuck when you run on/through certain blocks...