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  1. Danyuul

    [ENDED] Crates + Cubits GIVEAWAY

    Danyuul 12345
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    Danyuul 123
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    Parkour map quick join

    Yeah would be nice if it got fixed
  4. Danyuul

    Parkour map quick join

    I saw a post about a search filter for maps on parkour by Nyodex and this kind of an alternative solution. I tend to grind maps a fair bit and the delay getting teleported to and from the map + flicking through and joining the map takes up alot of time in the long run. If a command perhaps /join...
  5. Danyuul

    [Parkour] Command to Search for Specific Map Name

    This is definitely needed in parkour considering there are multiple pages of maps and finding a single one is often real hard. This would help with grinding too seeing as how on some grind maps you have to flick 2-4 pages to get to it every time
  6. Danyuul

    Parkour Event Idea

    Of course! tysm aloro
  7. Danyuul

    Parkour Event Idea

    I call it "Jump or Lose" not sure though am open to ideas The event itself would be a series of jumps that progressively get harder until you fall. One jump each level and you only have id say a 1 minute time frame to complete. The jumps could start off simple with say a 2 block jump and get...
  8. Danyuul

    New Skyblock Realm - S7 Legends - Expanding - Bug Fixes

    Cant wait, am very excited for this
  9. Danyuul

    Accepted Origami - Easy

    Oh wow I really like this. Very original and simple. Jumps are varied as well, good job <3. I'll be giving this a +1 Hope it gets accepted <3
  10. Danyuul

    Accepted Unoriginal - Insane

    Ahh I see what you did here. This is a very interesting map considering you combined all the unoriginal builds into one (I love it). Although the theme is based on unoriginal themes it still was an original idea seeing as how nobody would have thought of something like this. Overall really good...
  11. Danyuul

    Accepted Bonzi Buddy

    +1 This build is so cool! The jumps are varied well, its original, and sUpEr cUtE! It definitely seems good for a hard map. Hope it gets accepted. <3
  12. Danyuul

    Rejected New Map: Houses

    I'm gonna have to give this a -1. The theme is very unoriginal and I have seen other maps similar to this. The jumps are not varied too much either. I did see that you have changed it so it is better, maybe just make it a bit less unoriginal. Hope it gets accepted <3
  13. Danyuul

    Rejected Floating Islands

    I'll be giving this a -1. The idea is pretty unoriginal although I do see what you were trying to go for. As Dubinzi stated, there seem to be a few of the same jumps right after one another. I have seen other maps like these, maybe try to make it a bit more original and make the parkour a bit...
  14. Danyuul

    Rejected Walls of Madness

    I’m gonn have to give this a -1. Most of the parkour is just in the air. Basically the only building you did was the four walls around the map. I do see where you were trying to go with this. As Dubinzi said you should try and not make any blocks floating in thin air. Overall an alright map...
  15. Danyuul

    Survival Games?

    This is a great idea! I've been hoping something like survival games would be added, it would bring a whole bunch of new players in and i'm sure the community would love it! Great idea. Hopefully it gets added in the future. <3 -Danny
  16. Danyuul

    Rejected Mirror Reflection

    I love the idea and theme. Very original. Although as Dubinzi said, there are different levels of reflection. You should definitely make 1 Y coordinate the point of reflection for the whole map, it would look so much better. I'll be giving this a 0. It is a very cool map tho, I would have never...
  17. Danyuul

    Rejected Map Submission- Animals- SavageSnow

    Hey snow! I tested this map out yesterday and I have to say, omg the animals are so cute. I reckon this would be a good expert seeing as how there are quite a few of difficult maps. I'll be giving this a +1 because of how short yet hard it is, I don't see many of these kinds of maps around the...
  18. Danyuul

    Rejected Wall-E & Eve~Medium

    +1 Salem this is very cute omg. Very original too, I tested this map out and it would be a really good fit as a medium map. Hope it gets accepted! <3
  19. Danyuul

    Accepted Blender

    +1 bit messy as others said but very simplistic and original. Hope it gets accepted <3
  20. Danyuul

    Accepted Clock Tower / Insane

    yes axe mate hope it gets accepted