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  1. bomber

    400 cubit giveaway for my birthday

    Happy Birthday!
  2. bomber

    Portable CP glitch

    hey, try making a ticket here: have a good one!
  3. bomber

    Elimination Giveaway

    bomberboy124 Parkour
  4. bomber

    Ongoing Inside (Insane) - Resubmission

    Sick map and amazing build, nice trees as well. Definitely getting accepted this time bro
  5. bomber

    Guess the number - Win Cubits

  6. bomber

    wise words

    wise words
  7. bomber

    yoo wassup brother

    yoo wassup brother
  8. bomber

    What's the most enjoyable server to play on the manacube network?

    I like Parkour but Kitpvp is so fun as well. I met some of my best mates on both of those servers, give them a shot! Have a great day! :cool:
  9. bomber

    Ongoing Vi - (Insane)

    mate this is an absolute masterpiece, tested the parkour and its fun as! goodluck brother!
  10. bomber


    soccer season, being goalkeeper
  11. bomber


    You'll get your prize from the event, just be patient. They have a lot to do. bomber
  12. bomber

    Thanksgiving Cubits Giveaway

    bomberboy124 Parkour Thanks for the giveaway!
  13. bomber

    Starting Out

    Hey, welcome to Manacube! All the gamemodes are good, give them a go!
  14. bomber

    20k Mana Giveaway

    ENTRIES CLOSED 1689243985 WE HAVE A WINNER... JZERO Congratulations to JZero!! Thank you all for entering, and there's always next time. I look forward to doing something similar to this sometime soon, with more mana.
  15. bomber

    20k Mana Giveaway

    20k Mana Giveaway Hello all, I thought I'd do a giveaway. This giveaway is worth 20 thousand mana on Parkour. Please view the information below as to when, what, etc: How to enter: All that you have to do to enter is simply reply to this thread, anything you like, and you're in the deal to...
  16. bomber

    Staff vs Players

  17. bomber

    You provide a superpower, the person under you replies with a downside.

    you crash into smth teleportation
  18. bomber

    Would You Rather?

    overlydumb and happy would you rather have water for the rest of your life or have lemonade?