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  1. nom

    More inclusivity

    I would like to say I agree, as an Israeli and jewish person (not religious, still celebrate holidays) it sort of annoyed me to see only "christmassy" things, but this year as the first year I actively play during this time (in the past was either before i started or when i was on break) I...
  2. nom

    Earth Season 3

    As a person that played on release of season 1 on earth, even though i havnt mained it since then im still hype and happy to see the realm evolve
  3. nom

    Halloween 2022 | Event + Crate

    Crate and event fun af
  4. nom

    A pvp suggestion

    Hey everyone. I just made an edit on the post, i will post it here too so it will be also easier to see: EDIT 16 OCT: The problem has gotten worse. Way more people walk into pvp and take our loot and attack us with potions so they keep their invis, we can sometimes see someone there and we...
  5. nom

    A pvp suggestion

    I dont want them to fullly removed invis, but only pots or maybe even like doob said to give them glow in and around pit
  6. nom

    A pvp suggestion

    Bex. Read the post again, then edit ur message or add another lol.
  7. nom

    A pvp suggestion

    It has happened to me many times where i'm causaly in pvp dropping gear for ppl to come try take and then someone just comes in with an invis pot, takes the stuff and leave. i really think that that is not fair for the people that earned that stuff and killed for that gear, i know of people that...
  8. nom

    G0reds Departure

    My favorite part of mana is the community I originally found asgard before the merge looking for a prison server and i stayed for the community anf the long vcs and chats ive had on disc Ign: nomOOP Disc: nom#6906
  9. nom

    Earth Release

    Last season was pretty fun till i stopped to focus on kd and i got annoyed to play on split screen to have the map on so I won't be ambushed. Looking forward to see who will rise up
  10. nom

    Survival Season 7

    New ssz looking sick af Excited to see who gonna be on top
  11. nom

    Skyblock Season 10

    This is gonna be awesome to see the merge of 4 sb realms Also person above owes me cubits