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  1. bignp

    Season 5 suggestions....

    if all the blocks you want are on the block shop why would you ever check playershops? 1712290324 you can post every block in the game for $1 but if there is an easy place to find them that everyone directs you to why would your shop ever be seen
  2. bignp

    Season 5 suggestions....

    playershops are pointless if everything is in the block shop tho since all the intresting items like potions axi buckets and 90% of blocks are unlisted if you make a shop for them 1712272984 i would love to see a page on the website to display a high quality PNG of the worldmap after the season...
  3. bignp

    void chest

    a chest that can accept any item and will delete them in 30 seconds. or add a sell for dyes could be like 0.01 per stack. i am annoyed the only way i can deal with mass amounts of green dye is toss it on the floor and wait for it to de spawn.