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  1. wxlter

    Collection Giveaway because of COLLEGE :(

    Its been fun playing mana cube these past years. I started near covid 19 which is crazy but now I'm a bit more grown than I was then and I'm going into college now and if I still have stuff on here, I wont quit lmao so imma jus do a giveaway! I don't have a BIG collection but its decent (worth...
  2. wxlter

    Bought 10 Valentine crates Only got 9

    I recently bought 10 crates and only received 9
  3. wxlter

    Ancient trials glitch

    I recently completed the ancient trials and now I am stuck in the stadium
  4. wxlter

    G0reds Departure

    To enter reply with what your favorite thing about Manacube is! I will take all of the replys I get from this and randomly generate a number and the number it picks wins. My favorite thing about ManaCube is the community and how friendly everyone is! Hopefully I win a cool axe or smthn :) IGN:Wxlter
  5. wxlter

    Manacube Survival Christmas Giveaway

    To enter the giveaway just comment below your In Game Name, your Discord ID, and what is your favorite Christmas memory. IGN: Wxlter Discord: WalterDaDog#2624 Favorite Christmas memory: Hanging out with friends and family during christmas :D
  6. wxlter

    [CLOSED] 100x Christmas Crate Giveaway

    IGN: Wxlter Discord: WalterDaDog#2624 Survival PLEASE :DDDD idk how to tag but ill do this @Shelbs @BigFloppa96 @Beanos_421 A fav christmas story was when my parents hid a crazy gift for me and I had to go find it when I was younger, very exciting :D
  7. wxlter

    new crate didnt give me some stuff

    I got a ocean chat color and a random statues and did not get them
  8. wxlter

    Jelly Boots Glitch

    When I applied gears 3 to my Jelly boots it just canceled out the jump 3 and they are now just normal diamond boots. Please help -WalterDaDog
  9. wxlter

    5 Cubits Giveaway!

    My IGN is: Wxlter I would either buy a crate or a rank on kit pvp or islands I like manacube because it is a fun server, it has a great community, and many gamemodes!