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  1. AlfaElLooser

    Spring Festival 2024

    y como suena la cosa la cosa suena ra
  2. AlfaElLooser

    Cubit Giveaway

    discord: alfaellooser ign _Autismo1 Realm: Olympus deo guapo
  3. AlfaElLooser

    Collection Giveaway because of COLLEGE :(

    I would want to start playing in surv so i hope i win haha IGN: _Autismo1
  4. AlfaElLooser

    Valentines Crate

    el pepe
  5. AlfaElLooser


    i _Autismo1 disc: alfaellooser
  6. AlfaElLooser

    Manacube's plans

  7. AlfaElLooser

    Retro Crate

  8. AlfaElLooser

    Olympus Season 6

  9. AlfaElLooser


    I think they should rework the rewards of the ranks, i dont think an ancient key per month its fair for its price (nor talking about vip or vip+ ranks)
  10. AlfaElLooser

    They should keep fortune cap at 25

    I just dont see logical ruining the f30 market, not talking by me, i dont really use any f30, its just unfair for players that did the effort to get an f30 f2p just to get his effort obliterated
  11. AlfaElLooser

    74 Crate Giveaway (edit 55 because crates are 6 cubits.)

    In Game Name: _Autismo1 Discord: Alfa#1657 I would like to have the prize if i win in olympus prison Favourite memory of 2022: Playing with my wife and my dog on summer. @ENZ_Drew @_hunt3r @Esquitxet
  12. AlfaElLooser

    24 Crate Giveaway.

    IGN: _Autismo1 Dis: Alfa#1657 Server: Olympus My favourite memory from christmas was when i get my nintendo 3ds pog lmao ggs epic pog @_hunt3r @Esquitxet @ENZ_Drew
  13. AlfaElLooser

    [ENDED] 30 Cubits Giveaway

    _Autismo1 Alfa#1657