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  1. ofek_XD

    Food Crate

    Make an iPhone crate already,nice one tho
  2. ofek_XD

    Alts at boss

    Most of the time i dont agree with you,but alts def should not be allowed inside boss arena,it gives an unfair advantage for sevreal reasons: 1. As you said'not everyone got alts and it's making the boss system unfair by people camping it 2.It can make the boss arena an p2w since not everyone...
  3. ofek_XD

    When the vaults should be opened?

    some people saying 1 week some people saying one month,what is the offical data?
  4. ofek_XD

    Mythology Crate

    Refreshing crate
  5. ofek_XD

    ManaCube Rewards

    Great idea
  6. ofek_XD

    Zeus mine

    Well,ik there's 3 zeus mines,but in fact 2 people with trench can mine entire mine alone,and when theres 10 people in one mine sometimes it can be so annoying,especially if you won't use trench (bc of the mining xp),my suggestion is making 12 zeus mines or like 5 (even tho I think 12 would be...